Monday, 17 December 2012

Before and After Photos

How happy am I, I have found my A4 embossing folder.  I searched high and low for it, in all my boxes, in everything I could think of and low and behold there it was.  I have an open backed shelving unit and it had slipped down the back and wedged between two shelves.  Boy I am a happy bunny, I just could not think of where it could have got to.

Now Michelle at who is a dog groomer as well as a Blogger asked to see before and after photos of my two dogs when they got their haircut,  Well yesterday was the big day and luckily it was quite mild so here they are.

Not so scruffy but not very happy


look at me I'm gorgeous

Well ladies what do you think?  I love them with longer hair but you have to groom them every day or they matt,  they both like shorter hair as they run around a lot better and for me they are easier to keep clean.

Here is an example of a card I made and don't really like maybe too many dotty bits.  Just thought I would show it because I  expect there are others out there that have made cards and have not shown them for one reason or another.  Maybe it would grow on me after a time but not just now.

We had a bit of trauma at the weekend.  My sister Marion injured her leg after a fall a few weeks ago but was able to get around.  Saturday night she turned and heard something go in her knee, extremely painful and just could not move for the pain.  We phoned NHS24 for advice, they were very busy and said they would get back to us within 3 hours.  3 hours later, with Marion standing on one leg leaning on the dining room table, we contacted them again.  They sent an ambulance to take her to the A&E.  Well to cut a long story short, we arrived at 2200 and left at 0230, after eventually getting her leg X-rayed, and the doctor could not find a reason for her pain, she was put in a splint given painkillers and sent home.  She looks after her three grandchildren Mon-Wed and has to pick them up, Fraser from Playgroup and Findlay and Lewis from School and now that she is unable to drive I have had to take over. So crafting in the afternoon is out at the moment.

Well ladies sorry for rambling on a bit today.  Hope all is well with you all.  Take care and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x


  1. Hi Wilma, you have had quite a traumatic time what with misplacing your embossing folder (I have done something similar with a pack of dies which I had never even opened - fortunately I found them eventually) and then your poor sister. She must be so pleased you are standing in for her - sibling love!! Oh yes, I have made cards and been unhappy with them so never shown them, but I think we are our own worst critics!! I really love that Christmas tree die and the green background. Christine x

  2. HI Wilma...well what an eventful weekend you have had Wilma!
    Those little dogs look gorgeous all groomed ready for Christmas....Love your you things go missing in my craft room like my Oval nesties which meant I had to buy another set!!! I suppose it will turn up one day!


  3. I did get this die but I never got round to using it, I put cards on my blog and every one is so helpful,I think your white dots just got a bit close to the tree, but it is still a gorgeous card. Love the dog photos. I am very good at mislaying things including a whole die set. I once mislaid a small tag die only to find it in the centre of a grand set on a magnetic sheet. I have to keep a spreadsheet as FM has pinched my recall. Hope your sister makes a quick recovery. xx Flora

  4. Relieved your found your folder and the dogs look lovely with their haircuts. I do hope your sister is going to be okay, not nice just before Christmas. The card is lovely, the white die cut looks so striking on the background :) x

  5. My goodness Wilma, you are going to be busy. Glad you found your folder though. The doggies look all ready for Santa. What breed are they?. Hugs Rita xx

  6. Doggies all spruced up for Christmas - cute! I really like this card Wilma - sometimes I think we can be really hyper critical of our own makes! Hope your sister gets back on her feet soon.

  7. Nice card Wilma love the new look doggies how cute are they

    jacqui x

  8. Hi Wilma, your poor sister, what a thing to happen, but I guess it just need rest, good job you can stand in for her, I hope she gets back on her feet soon, no pun intended.

    Your wee doggies are gorgeous, yes I would have to go with the scruffy look as well, but they must feel better being groomed.

    Well I love your card, I think we are too critical of our own work, it's lovely and the main thing is that it's handcrafted, kate x


  9. Wilma, how cute do your dogs look with their coats cut, Glad you found your folder nothing worse that losing something. It's funny but when my wound burst open after my op NHS 24 told me the same as your sister it would be 3hrs as they were busy, it's ok for them they are not the ones in pain. No fun having to sit in A&E for that length ither, hope your sister feels better soon. Your card is lovely I think all you ladies should have a day of blogging that card you were most unhappy with just so you can see you all have these. Take care. Hazel

  10. Hi Wilma,
    Oh! your poor sister, good job she has you to help out.
    Well what a handsome/beautiful pair, I prefer the "Shaggy Dog" look myself. As you say, hard to keep though.
    Nothing wrong with your card, I think we are all like that, just a little too critical of our efforts. Glad you found your folder it was a bit big to actually LOOSE.

    Patricia xx

  11. Your dogs are so cute either way! Ireally like your card, we all have cards we make and aren't happy with! I got this die but didn't get round to using it..aah well, next Christmas! Carole Z X

  12. Hi Wilma,
    Thanks for the photo's of Shaolin and Mei Li, they look so cute, I know how much hard work they are, when they are full coated, it seems a shame to clip them back in winter, but it's so easy to manage then. As I said before, they are my favourite breed to cut, I would love to rehome another, but I think my family would have a fit, as I have three now, lol.
    I think your card is great, but I think I agree with Flora, I would have left the gems off next to the tree, I love the vintage style embellishments.
    Great stuff about your folder, I lose stuff all the time, then I have a big sort out, and there you go, I find things, sometimes things I never knew I had, lol.
    I hope your sister gets right before christmas, what a thing to happen, she is lucky you are handy, like me I fall back onto my little sister, when things go wrong, bless her.
    Well enough of my ramblings, take care Wilma, keep warm.

  13. great card Wilma, think I would have left the pearls of either the tree or embossed background..but it still is a beautiful card..
    hope your sister has a speedy recovery...pam

  14. Great card Wilma, I've used this die a few times. The one I didn't like much is the one I embossed with Frantage. Don't know why I don't like it much. I agree with Pam about the pearls but I would put pearls on the background and leave the tree plain. But that's because I love the background with pearls. Still love your card though.

    Your doggies are really cute with or without lots of hair. Mine always look the same since they are Labs with nice glossy black coats!

    Sorry to hear about your poor sister and just because they can't find anything doesn't mean there isn't something wrong. Why would she be in so much pain otherwise? Hope she's better soon.

    Kat xx

  15. Hi Wilma,
    super card, love the colours used. So glad you found the folder.
    The dogs look so cute with their haircuts. Must be far easier for you.
    I am sorry to hear about Marion, I do hope she recovers enough to enjoy her Christmas without pain.
    I hope things are not too crazy for you at the mo with your new ferrying tasks.
    You know what they say if you want something done quickly find the busiest person because they will always do it the quickest for you.
    Sounds like your just that person.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.


  16. Wilma, just popping in to say I hope Marion is feeling better and not in pain any more. Also I hope you are not to wornen out with all this extra running about??? This weather is terrible so you take care while out. Hazel

  17. Merry christmas to you and your family .Melanie X

  18. Hi Wilma how is your sister doing? Sorry I missed this earlier post, loving your Spellbinding tree and the background together. Fabulous!
    Have a super New Year, hugs Erika.