Monday, 23 December 2013

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Hi to you all, boy I have been MIA for such long time and feel so left out by not posting here as I hoped to do but time has just run away with me.  Now that the busy time has passed maybe I can get down to serious crafting as I have so many projects in mind that I want to try but have just not had the time to carry them out.  All ready for Christmas, a few parcels to wrap and that is it.  Time to get the feet up with a wee glass of something in my hand and reflect on the past year.

My picture today is a picture I tried for my niece Megan.  We saw something similar on facebook and she asked if I could try the frame. Of course I said yes and using my new Christmas present from hubby this is what I came up with.  Megan absolutely dotes on her nephew and nieces and I have inserted a small photo of them in the hearts.  I have a few more ideas for similar projects so look out next year.  I love my Silhouette Cameo, when you have lots to cut out it is a godsend and I was able to download masses with the $10 and $25 cards that came in the box.  There was a sale on the Silhouette site for a few weeks and everything was half price.  But I do still love my dies nothing will replace my feelings for them.

This a an Ikea picture frame and as a background I used Papermainia Home for Christmas paper then an 8 x 8 white card and mounted the large heart and inserted the smaller cut outs  after I folded them to stand out a bit better.   I used the leftover hearts to decorate around the larger heart.  Hope Megan likes it.

I have tried to comment over the last few weeks but if time has run away from me, I have at least admired your gorgeous work. 

Only leaves me to say Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year to you all and hope 2014 is all you hope it will be.

Take care

Wilma x x x

Monday, 2 December 2013

I am still alive and kicking

It has been a while since my last post on here.  I have been very busy with making cards and wreaths for all my mother's friends and I have also been doing a wee demo at the Good Companion's Club she attends.  A friend has started a craft get together on a Friday afternoon in the church hall and I was asked to do a few demo's but until we get organised and a rota set up is has been a little ad hoc.  I took some Kraft Lunch bags and some Christmas paper and embellishments down last Friday to show how easy it is to decorate bags and turn them into lovely gift bags and they really liked the idea.  Everyone takes the craft they enjoy and eventually we will all get a demo on everyone's favourite hobby.  I was able to assist someone with her knitting by working out the pattern on her matinee jacket when she reached the decreasing for the armholes.  This lady is going to help me with some crochet.  It is great when someone has a skill that can be passed on to others.

I don't have a card to show tonight as they have been based on the same design as before and I don't want to bore you with the same old cards.  But the end is in sight and I cannot wait to get playing with my Tattered Lace dies.  My hubby has ordered a Silhouette Cameo for my Christmas so I am also eagerly awaiting it's arrival but that means more time trying to work out how it works and less time to use my dies.  I will have to stop watching Create and Craft while hubby is around because he listens too well and surprises me with crafty things.  I would be interested to hear from anyone who has this machine as any hints and tips will be gratefully received..

Here is a photo of the ladies at the Good Companions Club taking part in a demo "Making Felt Brooches" we did the other week.

I made up 12 kits with felt die cuts, brooch backs, needle, embroidery thread and I did a step by step demo.  Everyone went home with their make for the day and are looking forward to the next "hands on Demo". It is a bit time consuming but I feel a good time was had by all.
I thought I would let you all know I was still in the land of the living as I have been trying to comment on your posts and boy there are some gorgeous cards out there and lots of tutorials and hints and tips.  Keep it up ladies and John, I will find time to try them all eventually.
Take care for now.
Wilma x x x

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Singing under the lamp post

Hi to you all, my where has all the days gone since my last post.  I have been very busy making more and more wreaths and Christmas cards and they are all along the same lines so have not had much to post, you don't want to see the same things repeated I am sure.

This card tonight is one I love. It is using LOTV toppers from some I bought last year and I do like using them.

The paper is Papermania Home for Christmas, some red card and Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles, the border sentiment is from my stash as is the ribbon and pearl.  I have added some glitter dust to make it sparkle.

As I have said I have been super busy and I am getting fed up making Christmas cards and wreaths.  I really want to get back to making other cards and projects.  I have accumulated lots of projects from blogs and Internet that I am interested in trying but at the moment it is all about Christmas.

The Good Companions Club my mother attends and I do a demo for them is going well. The ladies now want to try making stick pins and want to get their hands on my bead collection.  I have bought a few necklaces from car boot sales and stripped them down to turn into other items, thus keeping the costs down.  I have also been approached to assist with a wee craft afternoon at the church and if we get enough interested parties it will take off soon.  My hubby says I am taking on too much but it is something I enjoy doing and once Christmas is over I will have plenty of time to take part.

OK then you lovely people now the weather is getting colder please take extra care of yourselves and wrap up warm, keep all them bugs at bay.

Wilma x x x

Friday, 8 November 2013

White on White Christmas Card

Welcome to all my fellow bloggers and those who follow me and comment a big thank you.  I do appreciate it when you have a peek and leave a comment.

Today's card is one I tried but not too sure, I tend to like the red and green theme to Christmas cards but thought I would give this a go.  Sorry but the lighting is not too good, this time of year I find it difficult to get a decent photo.

As per normal it's an 8 x 8 card edged with Micro beads.  I scored the next layer of Centura Pearl Card and edged with some peel offs.  Next I used Spellbinders 2011 Heirloom Ornaments, largest Micro Beaded, medium embossed and lastly smallest decorated with little pearls. The sentiment is Spellbinders Labels twenty two and silver peel off for Merry Christmas.  Pearls from my stash.  Inspiration from Sue Wilson
Yesterday was demo day at The Good Companions Club and the ladies enjoyed making their brooches although some of them were a bit constricted by poor eyesight and I have promised those who were not able to take part that I would make one for them. I have mislaid my camera but will upoad the pictures when I find it, yes, I did remember to take photos, although it was at the end as I nearly forgot.  Get so caught up with all that is going on.  Some of the ladies ordered Christmas Wreaths for indoors and they proved very popular as I have orders for some more and also loads of cards for next week so I will really have to get my finger out and get them done.  Here is a photo of the wreaths, I also made bags for them.

Some of the ladies would like to make them calendars so I am having to source calendar pads for them, I thought because they were purely for Christmas it would not be a good idea but was overruled.  The pink one proved popular with the Lily of the Valley image of girl with candle and the felt poinsettias ones too.
Well back to the craft room soon. Hope the lucky people attending the NEC Birmingham are having a great time and spending load, can't wait to see what the Scottish Ladies bring back.
Take care out there and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x

Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A little bit of Bling

Thank you all for your complimentary comments on my last card,  can't really take the credit as the dies did all the work.

What a night for fireworks round here, some people must have too much money by the sound of all the bangs and flashes going off all around.  I don't mean to be a bah humbug person but I feel organised displays are far better than setting fireworks off in gardens.  My main bugbear is the dogs of course.  Mei Li is terrified, sits shaking and hiding when she hears a bang but Shaolin is completely different he sits in the conservatory watching the rockets go off.  I had him out for has last walk and a rocket went off above his head and he just looked up and went on with his business.  Mei Li needless to say is still hiding, don't know when I will get her out.

My card tonight has the bling factor thought I would cheer myself up and bling my card.

I bought some 7 x 7 card from Anna Marie Designs at the SECC  and quite like the size.  The Tattered Lace Shoe  is die cut from some blue card mounted on Centura Pearl and the bling is added around the card and in the shoe.  I added a blue feather and ribbon and some hearts left over from another project. Sentiment will be added later.  On reflection I think I should have embossed the card the shoes are on but then it might have been too much.  What do you think, I love to hear your comments/suggestions.

It sounds as though it has quietened down outside so I will attempt to take Mei Li out.  It might take a bit of persuading but as long as nothing explodes she will be OK.

Thank you all for looking at my offerings and making so many lovely comments, I look forward to reading them all and am willing to take constructive criticism on the chin.

I hope the Scottish Posse (as Mrs Duck calls them) have a wonderful time at the NEC Birmingham only wish I had been going too.

Take care out there and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x x


Monday, 4 November 2013

Pretty in Pink

Welcome to my new follower Chris all the way from Canada, how wonderful to have you onboard and your blog is certainly one to have a look at

Also thank you all for your welcomed comments on my last card, did not know how the card would go down but you all seemed to like the die and card.  I spent a long time wondering whether to buy the heart die alone and by the time I made up my mind the only way to get it was in a Multibuy.  So wallet was stretched again but I had to have it.  They are lovely to work with, the card releases from the die so easily and do not need to be embossed so less work to achieve the desired effect.

My card today is another using some other dies in the Multibuy.

The base is an 8 x 8 card and the background is white pearlised card embossed with a folder I got when I bought the Ebosser. The Tattered Lace die for the corners is the Chantilly Flourish cut using pink card (on reflection I could have blinged it up a bit but this was my first attempt at using them), the Bow is Chantilly Bow which I am sure you will agree makes a beautiful bow.  On another card I used to different  colours and offset one on top of the other and achieved a lovely effect.  The ribbon and  pearls are from my stash. I will add the sentiment when it is decided what the card is to be used for.

Now I have started using these dies I am eager to get more made but Christmas Cards are high on the agenda just now.  I have also to finish the kits for the ladies at The Good Companions Club for Thursday, yes I will remember my camera and take some photos of them at work. One of the ladies at the club requested four cards "To the Both of You", three for Great Granddaughters and one for Great Grandson and one for a Special Friend so you can see I have been busy along with making wreath hangings too.  I have made five wreath hangings and had to make gift bags for them to go into. It has taken up so much time but they are complete just to photograph them and take them down on Thursday.

Well only leaves me to say take care out there and wrap up warm.

Oh sorry a wee note for Jen at Krafty Keepsakes The heart die is Tattered Lace Chantilly Heart.

Wilma x x x

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Tattered Lace

How happy I am that I have so many comments on my last post.  It was lovely to see all my old friends and new friends commenting on my card even although my posts have been sporadic recently due to many things getting in the way of crafting.  I have made up for lost time recently and made a few cards.  This is one of the Tattered Lace dies I bought and I just adore them.  Not been very adventurous yet but have used cards from the demos that Nancy showed in her programmes.  When time permits I will have a go at some "Wilma Originals".

As usual this is an 8 x 8 card, background is Centura Pearl Card edged with some lovely blue and gold peel off I found in my box. Blue Pearlised card overlaid with white Centura pearl die cuts from Tattered Lace (Hearts), big blue organza bow and a few blue gems.  In Nancy's demo she made this as an Invitation Card where you can insert a card with all the details of the event but I like it sealed down.  Simple but effective I think.  I will add the sentiment when it is decided what this card is for.

Well the weather has sure turned cold today, when I was out shopping the thermometer in the car was only reading 4 deg C and it rained on and off all day.  Needless to say it was a quick shop to get the necessities and back home to a cosy house.  Hubby has not been feeling well again, he has not got over the last spell of  "man flu" and was feeling really poorly today and lay in bed trying to get warm.  Hope is clears soon as he is not a man who likes to be idle.

OK then folks that's it for tonight, off to browse your wonderful posts and make some comments.

Take care out there and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x x

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Really need to get my finger out!

Oh boy do I need to get my finger out and get on with some work and post some cards on blogger.

I really must thank you all for the lovely comments you have made on my most recent posts and now I have made up my mind to make a concerted effort to comment on all the blogs I follow, no excuses, just get it done.

 I have been busy with the Tattered Lace Dies I bought recently and making Christmas Cards.  I have been using LOTV pre coloured toppers for some of my Christmas Cards and one day I may venture into using their stamps but not yet I am afraid.  Anne at LOTV asked if anyone was attending the SECC Craft show at Glasgow to take a cup of coffee for Rich who was running the stall on his own and did not get time to get one.  So I dutifully did my Good Deed of the day and delivered a large Cappuccino to him and also purchased a new pad of toppers.  I have also been making Christmas Wreaths with felt and card,  they were asked for after I showed the cream and gold one I made recently.  I have loads to post but I have not had time to upload them to the PC and get them shown here.

The Tattered Lace dies are so lovely to use and they don't need to be embossed so less time used to cut them out.  I have been looking at the cards Nancy demonstrated on Create and Craft and they are so simple to do but the finished cards are gorgeous.  So you will know what will be taking up a lot of my time.

 I can't sit back and play as I have another Demo Day at the "Good Companions Club" my mother attends.  Cathy who runs the club phoned and asked if I could attend next week and if possible could I do the demo on the felt brooches I spoke to them about when I was there last.  It will be head down and die cut 12 kits of various shapes for the ladies to try their hand at making the brooches.  Apparently there was a loud cheer when Cathy suggested asking me to come along as the ladies seemed to enjoy my last visit.  I intend to do only the most basic shapes. Poinsettia, rose, aster etc and Madge, one of the ladies wanted a robin.  Well I racked by brains and came up with a Xcut die which I should be able to use for the robin, will have a try tomorrow to see if I can successfully make one. 

I have decided to post a Christmas card I made using a LOTV topper and I made the theme colour green to get away from the usual red, will love to see your comments.

I used a square card and matted some green and white and green striped paper.  Die cut LOTV topper and background with Spellbinders Grand Labels One. The Die'sire Ivy die is so useful I love using it.  I have sprinkled some Glitter Dust on the baubles and add red gems for berries and added a sentiment.  The paper and card all come from my stash bought ages ago and the wrapping is now gone.

I hope you are all well but can see from some posts that some are falling by the wayside. I wish those who are not up to par a speedy recovery.  It only leaves me to say take care out there and look forward to seeing your comments on my card.

Wilma x x x

Monday, 21 October 2013

Welcom Baby Amelia

It seems the days are passing so quickly these days and I am sorry at not being able to post my cards as often as I would like.  I am getting orders for so many cards, wreaths etc that are pretty much the same style that I feel seeing them once is enough.  The ladies who ask for the cards do so mainly after seeing them for someone else and then they want one or two done.  Pretty boring but keeps me going.

The card today I made for my great niece to give to her friend on the birth of her baby girl.  Emma want something pink and blingy so this is what I came up with.

I started with an 8 x 8 card and then  white glittery paper which is not showing up very well in the photo. Some pink card embossed with M-bossibility Garden Lattice embossing folder studded with my usual pearls (boy can't wait to get to SECC Glasgow to replenish my stock of them).  The topper and sentiments are from a kit I bought when Kanban was in business, the ribbon was some I bought ages ago and did not want to use it but it is bought to use.  The babies name was made with some letters I had and it is placed on a border using an EK success punch. The box was made using the same materials with a couple of little embellishments.

I am hoping to get through to Glasgow on Thursday but depends on how my mum is, I tend not to plan too much ahead as things change quite quickly.  I have been saving my pennies but I will have to stop watching Create and Craft TV as I fell in love with the Tattered Lace offer last week and had to have it.  The parcel arrived today (Create and Craft have definitely upgraded their delivery process as it arrived within a couple of days) and I have been playing all night.  So much for doing my Christmas card backlog.  Oh well tomorrow is another day.

Hope you are all well and am looking forward to Sue Wilson's ( big reveal tomorrow.  I hope she has a spot on Create and Craft similar to Barbara Grey to demonstrate her amazing creations and give us loads of hints and tips.  Will just have to wait and see.

Take care out there.

Wilma x x x

Monday, 14 October 2013

How much is that doggie in the window?

Ah well the oldies are the goodies, I remember that song well.  I used to sing it to my son when he was little and he used to come in at the barking bits with his little woof woof.  Memories. 

I see I have another follower, Elizabeth, you are most welcome and thank you for joining my happy band of followers.

OK onward and upward.  I was asked to do a card for one of my mum's friends at her little club. it was for her grandson.  Well I don't normally entertain men's cards, just never seem to like doing them, but she was most insistent. This is what I come up with and she liked it.

8 x 8 black card from Anna Marie's Designs
Some blue checked paper I had laying around
The dog was cut on my Cricut Mini from a "Just because Card" Cartridge ( I love the shadow effect)
Sentiment was from a Kanban set I had
There it is simple but I just love it, simple minds easily pleased.  I have had a few days die cutting poinsettias for some cards I have to make and boy is it taking an age but will be well worth it in the long run.  I also have some orders for the wreath hanging I did a few weeks ago but they want them in traditional red and green not in the gold and cream I used.  More poinsettias.  Oh well you can't please everyone can you?
I am getting acclimatised to the colder weather now and the dogs are loving it and are back to walking at lunch times.  They seem to give it a miss when the weather was warmer but now it is cooler they are keen to get out for a walk.  We all need the exercise as we love our food.
Ok you lovely people that's it for tonight.  Look forward to hearing from you and I am off to comment on your wonderful posts, had a quick look earlier, and now I have some time to comment.
Only leaves me to say take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

What you never are 50!

Hi you lovely bloggers, my how time runs away.  It hardly seen as week since my last post and I have not done much in the old craft room too many other things getting in my way. 

My demo at The Good Companions Club last Thursday went down a treat.  The ladies seem to love making a card and followed my instructions very well and some added a bit of their own style after rummaging through my bit box and although I took my camera to photograph their attempts I completely forgot until we were leaving the hall.  So sorry that I do not have any photos of their gallant attempts at card making.  They are eager for me to do another demo as I suggested that we made Christmas themed brooches.  I have some felt cut out already and when I get the nod I will prepare some more.

I have been very lax at commenting on your posts recently, I have been having issues with my PC which was bought new in June and runs with Windows 8 and a few people have been having probs with this.  I am going to return it to the shop and get them to check it out as I am not too computer friendly these days.  Maybe my brain box cannot take in this modern technology or may be I am just getting too old.

I was asked to do a rush 50th Birthday Card, one of my usual glitzy feathery ones, and this is what I came up with.


 (The ribbon has photographed a silly colour but it is the same as the flower in real life and the hat pin is white, very poor lighting I expect)
I started with an 8x8 card matted some green satin card then white.  Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One, embossed with Spellbinders M-BOSSABILITIES Garden Lattice folder and decorated with some pearls. Next I cut two Tattered Lace Shoes, love this die, I used double sided adhesive on my green card and sprinkled Glamour Dust over as I did not have any green coloured glitter card.  I like the effect on the shoes and flowers.  I used the same effect for the Heartfelt Creations Delicate Asters dies.  I mounted the shoes on Spellbinders Floral Ovals die cut in white card.  The sentiment was produced on PC and cut with Labels Twenty.  Hat pin was from my stash.  The box was from Stella Crafts (ready to make up) and decorated with some peel offs I found while rummaging around my boxes (it is amazing what you find when you have look round, I tend to buy what I like and find a use for it at a later date), Labels Twenty, Delicate Asters, some ribbon and pearls.
Linda, who asked me for the card was delighted that I could produce the "goods" in record time.  As I love making these cards it was no problem at all.
Well have a few more cards for orders to complete and then I may be able to get down to crafting for myself.  I am looking forward to going to the Hobby Craft show at the SECC in Glasgow sometime between 24-27 October and have been saving up by pennies.  I really wanted to go to NEC Birmingham with Patricia, Hazel and Kate but caring for mum has put paid to that so Glasgow will have to do.
Well now that the weather has turn so cold, it was freezing when I took the dogs out tonight, I may find time to huddle in my craft space and make some more cards for Christmas and find time to comment on your lovely creations.
Take care my friends.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

90th Birthday Card

Hello and welcome to my space, I feel I am often in space when my days all run into one.  I have been busy making this card and another for a seventy something and prepping the kits for tomorrow's demo at the club my mum attends.  I have prepped 11 kits so hopefully that will be enough.  I will take some more card with me in case more ladies attend.  Some ladies were keen and others felt they would not be able to do it, their ages range from 65-93 and the older ones are the people willing to have a go.  In the kits every thing has been prepared and they only have to stick it together nothing difficult, them stick a few gem/pearls here and there and a sentiment.

Here is the card I have made for the 90 year old. The remit was "not too dull"

8 x 8 scalloped card
Centura Pearl white card
Some pale green pearlised card from stash
The green patterned paper in the centre (which has not photographed very well) was from the Glitter Girls many moons ago)
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One and Floral Ovals
The remaining embellishments, feathers and peel offs from my stash
I made the stick pin from my collection of beads
The light today was bad for taking photographs so I must apologise for the colours, it is OK in real life.
I have another airport run on Friday to pick up my niece, Megan and her boyfriend.  It is at 1400 so not early morning but the traffic is usually bad on a Friday afternoon and with it being a Fife Holiday Weekend I expect it will be extremely busy.  I am eager to hear how she enjoyed her break.  My other niece Lesley (who lives in Benidorm and has a Pub/restaurant out there), who Megan was staying with, has a Parrot named Hooper and apparently as soon as Megan arrived it chased her round the villa.  Well Megan is not particularly keen on birds of any kind was not amused so I am eager to her if they settled their differences.
My next door neighbour and family arrived home on Monday and they had a whale of a time.  As soon as he arrived home Christopher was in to regale me with all the things he got up to and to make sure Sunday breakfast was still on.  He also presented me with a lovey bracelet for giving him Euros to spend on holiday.
Ok that's enough of my ramblings for tonight.  Hope you are all safe and well
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Friday, 27 September 2013

Where has the time gone?

Hello to all my fellow bloggers. I am so sorry to have been absent for what seems like an age but life takes over now and then and it takes a bit to get back into the swing.  Hopefully for me this is the start of getting into posting once more.

 I made a card yesterday for a lady who attends the "Good Companions Club" my mother goes to on a Thursday.  It was for a 95 year old but what did I do, sent it down with my mum and forgot to photograph it.  Really annoyed with myself as I had not made a card for a while.  I have made a few gift bags but not a card.  Anyway she was delighted with it and I have another two commissions for next week so better get the finger out and get them started.

Today I was rummaging through my last year's Christmas box and found a few toppers I had not used so today's offering is a simple card to get me into the swing.

It is an 8 x 8 Anna Marie Designs Gold Card, red spot card and Kanban topper and sentiment.  I added a few gold gems and there you are a simple Christmas card for the lazy person.  Sorry about the shine on the foil, bit difficult to get the right light to take a snap as it has been cloudy here all day.
My next attempts will be a bit more detailed as I love to use my dies and the cards are for a 90 year old and someone in their 70's and they tend to like that style.
I have been asked to demo a card next Thursday at the "Good Companions Club" so I will make up 10-12 kits so the ladies can join in.  I took some cards and gift bags down last week so they could choose what to make and this is the card they wanted to try to do.  I am pleased because it is relatively easy.
I will prepare a kit for each lady with all the die cutting and embossing pre-done and all they will have to do is assemble the card along with me.  I will take card, dies, embossing folders, eBosser, etc down just to demonstrate the card from start to finish.  If they enjoy the demo I will be asked to do a monthly visit trying different crafty bits, making boxes, gift bags, felt flower brooches and anything else I think up, but that's in the future I may not be asked back.
I have been browsing your posts but not commenting all the time but intend to remedy that starting tomorrow.  I am making some Me time an hour or so in the morning or at night.  I seem to have been at everyone's beck and call for weeks now so I am making time for myself.  Last Monday I my niece asked if I would take her and her boyfriend to the airport for a flight to Benidorm and guess what it was for 0630 flight and she wanted to leave at 0315.  My next door neighbour also asked if I could take her, her daughter and son to the airport on the same day and her flight to Benidorm was 0830, we left home at 0545 so it was a double trip.  It was only 20 minutes to Edinburgh Airport but at that time of the morning!!!!  Next time anyone asks I am doing something, well not for my niece she is special.
That is it for tonight, hope you are all well and crafting for Christmas or whatever. Oh by the way I wonder if anyone knows what happened to Heather's Happenings. she seems to have disappeared quite suddenly and I really enjoyed her blog.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Friday, 13 September 2013

Golden Wreath

Christmas has got me all excited, lots of bling, shiny paper, glitter and gems just what I need to make a card, that's what I like about making Christmassy things.  Welcome to you all to my crazy world, that's the mood I am in today, don't know what has got into me but I just want to dance and sing and act silly.  Calm down girl the neighbours will talk.

Now down to business.  I thought I would have a go at another wreath card and this is what I came up with, hope it appeals to some of you lovely bloggers.

To make this wreath I cut two Grand Decorative Circles One, in gold mirri and card with musical design and offset them so the gold mirri is just showing behind.  Then I cut the Die'sire Ivy die in large and small in gold mirri card and laid them round the circle. Next Spellbinders Poinsettia in cream with Antique Linen Distressed ink colouring the embossing (difficult to see on here) and a gold gem in the centre.  I placed some leaves and berries from the Poinsettia set and a Happy Christmas sentiment in the centre.  I dotted some gems round the outer edge of the circle to add a bit of bling and gold ribbon to hang it up.
Today I have finally got round to trying out the stamps I bought ages ago from Stamps from Chloe.  I have not ventured into stamping seriously yet just the odd sentiment and decoration but as to real stamping well wish me luck.  My first attempt was ehhhhh a bit useless, trying too hard.  The more I tried the better it felt so I am now on a mission to make a card.  Luckily I recorded Chloe's demo on Create and Craft so I have some inspiration to follow till I get my head around stamping.
There are always new things to try in card making and I love to spread my wings and try different ways of doing cards.  Not successful all the time as I have declined to show them on here and sometimes I just cannot get my head around the instructions (maybe an age issue or me being impatient) but  I do try or am very trying.
Thank you for your wonderful comments on my posts and I am so happy you take the time to view and comment.  Erika at has been giving us a sneaky peak at the projects she has planned for her classes this weekend at Papeterie in Aberdeen and as  I cannot attend I am so excited to see what she will reveal next week.  Stop being a tease Erika.
That's it for today as always take care out there and hope to see some comments soon.
Wilma x x x

Monday, 9 September 2013


Evening all, we had another fine day today after a miserable start but boy is it getting colder or am I getting older.  Will have to dig out the sweaters and cardigans soon.  The dogs love it when the weather is cool and more so when it has snowed.  They are lucky they have thick double coats to keep them warm.  This summer has been a no no for them too warm by half, all they have been doing is finding a cool place to lie down.

I am continuing on the Christmas theme today and tried to do a CAS card but did not quite get there still adding too much to my cards.  What do you think?

8 x 8 white card
Noel cut on Cricut Mini using Teresa Collins Christmas Cartridge
Spellbinders Poinsettia die
Des'ire Ivy die
Silver holographic card, red and green card from stash as is the gems
Not too much going on in this card and when I passed it by my mum she liked it and says "it's not too fussy like most of your cards" do I take this as a compliment or what?  I like it its clean and fresh looking but maybe the Ivy leaves would be better in gold. Oh what the heck it is done now.  I really like the Ivy die and you will see more in future cards.  I have a few more projects for it in mind.
Did not do much today other than the usual housework, ironing walking the dogs and trying to get some craft time in.  Did not succeed with the craft work but played around with a few ideas in my head and of course found time to browse your blogs.  I often wonder how I coped working full-time and shift-working and doing household chores because since I retired I just do not know where the time goes.  Better organised then I expect.
OK then fellow bloggers time to go,  I eagerly await your comments on this creation and noticed I have another follower.  Yippee!  You are all most welcome.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Sunday, 8 September 2013

This is not quite what I intended to make.

Hi you lovely bloggers, once again I must compliment you all taking the time to comment on my Christmas Wreath Card.  It's wonderful that you find the time to make me a happy bunny by firstly viewing my blogs and secondly by leaving such complimentary comments.

I was browsing the Creative Expression Workshop to get some inspiration for a card and found this to make a Spellbinder Radiant Rectangle Double Easel Frame Card.  Well needless to say I did not have the dies they used and wanted to put my own slant on things and this is what I created.

 The full instructions on Creative Expressions Card can be found here.

My variation used Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles and Poppy Patch cut in half and adhered to both sides.  Tattered Lace Sentiment Die was used for Happy Birthday to You.  I sort of like the way differing fonts make the card more interesting.  The usual gems and bling from stash.  The card used was Creative Expressions Foundation Teal and Antique Gold.

Yesterday Hubby and I went for a wander round the shops, had a nice relaxing lunch and then back home to be greeted by two lonely dogs.  Mum, who dog sat, says that they did not move from the time we left the house till they heard the car drive up.  So no problem there then.  Today was "Lazy Sunday" only energy used was to prepare dinner, nice stroll with the dogs and I took Great Nephew, William with us, and cook dinner.  Who would have believed William will be one year old next month, boy is he progressing.  I see him all the time as his mum and dad live four houses round from us and I take him for a walk when I can.

Now that I have had a browse round your posts its time for bed, I think.  I spend a heck of a lot of time visiting the blogs I follow and once there, there are always more interesting blogs to visit and links to look at in case there is something I need to see. 

So once again thank you for taking the time to visit, it much appreciated.

Take care out there.

Wilma x x x x

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Christmas Wreath

Hi Peeps, hope you are all feeling fine, big hugs to those not 100%.  We have had a few  beautiful days here and it has been great getting out in the sun to get some rays before it all goes downhill.  There you go doom and gloom again.  Hubby has a cold and is threatening to pass it on so I am avoiding him like the plague.

My card today took a bit of cutting out as I wanted a few layers for effect.  I am glad I had the Ebosser to do the manual labour but I often feel redundant waiting for the plates to go through.  There is not enough time to start something else before you have to remove the dies.  Luckily this card came out fairly easily and I was able to got on with the task.  Better show the end result then.

8 x 8 Gold Card it is pearlised in real life not showing up in photo
Mixture of shades of green card from stash
Cricut Mini Teresa Collins Christmas Cartridge for Merry Christmas sentiment and Bird on a Branch
Die'sire Ivy Die from Crafter's Companion
Tassel and Gems from stash
It took  while to organise the Ivy strands as there are two dies, one smaller than the other and I used different shades of green to make it more interesting.  I think I should have made the bird more like a Robin by colouring it a bit but I tend to think of these things after the event.  The corner sections are the smaller Ivy strand trimmed down.  I think it turned out OK, am now waiting on your verdict.  Be gentle, please.
OK that's it for tonight, three nights posting and the middle night you got 2 for 1 or BOGOF as I said, I am spoiling you, I have to go and lie down now exhausted.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Feeling of Autumn

Thank you for your wonderful comments on my posts, it is so lovely to hear that so many of you enjoy seeing what I create.  If it was not for all the inspiration I get on Blogger and Tutorials I do not know if I could have progressed so much so quickly.  When I look back at my first batch of cards, which I still have, I see how much I have improved especially using dies embossing folders etc.  My journey into card making just gets better and better.

Yesterday I put two posts up in error, but you got a BOGOF, not often that happens with me I often struggle to get a card posted daily.

My card today is one that took a bit of time.  I bought the dandelion die and wanted to use it but when it come to pulling everything together my mind went blank.  I put this card with that and then another and another till I eventually pulled something together.

8 x 8 white card
Creative Expressions Black and Grey Foundation Card
Mustard/Yellow Card American Crafts Cardstock Tropical
Spellbinders Labels Twenty-Two
Spellbinders Vintage Lace Accents
Heartfelt Creations Delicate Asters
Tattered Lace Dandelion Die
Sentiment from Kanban
Gems from stash
I commented on Heather's blog that I thought I had used Venetian Accents but on checking it was Vintage Lace Accents, sorry Heather.
My younger sister will love this card, NOT, it is yellow and black her most hated combination but I like it.
I finished housework and dinner preparation early today so was able to start crafting early.  Good job too as I had a project in mind to begin and it entailed a lot of die cutting with a new die.  I got there in the end so it will be shown tomorrow.  Can't spoil you two days in a row.  Seems I have my Mojo back and I am beginning to get into the swing once more.  I seemed to be in the doldrums for a while but I am in a happy place just now with lots of new goodies to play with.  Still have not got round to using Chloe's wreath stamp yet and a few other things I want to try but I will get there soon enough.  Must stop buying crafty goodies till I have played with my recent purchases.
Thank you for putting up with my ramblings and now I am off to browse your beautiful creations.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Monday, 2 September 2013

Second 60th Wedding Anniversary Card

Thank you one and all for continuing to comment on my posts.  It is wonderful to see that I can please many people with my creations, you have been the mainstay for me continuing to post as sometimes I look and wonder if my cards are up to the standards set by others.

Brrrrrr it is getting colder up here, had the heating on yesterday, my poor wee fingers were so cold I could not cut paper but the heating soon remedied that.  I have been trying to make a few cards other the past few days.  I bought some new dies from Tattered Lace, the dandelion and the shoe.  As is normal for me I cut a few using different paper and card just to see how they perform and no problems encountered.  Now all I need is inspiration to pull it all together and that is what I lack at the moment, inspiration.  It will come though once I settle down and think.

Here is the second card I made for my Brother in Law to give for a 60th Wedding Anniversary.

8 x 8 card
Lilac, White and glitter card from Stock
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One
Cricut Mini to cut out 60th
Tattered Lace Sentiment die to cut Happy Wedding Anniversary and Congratulations sentiments
Spellbinders Rose Creation Die
Feather,  Deep Lilac Rose, ribbon and gems from stock
Box from Stella Crafts (Lazy way I know but time was short)
Now that the personal cards are out of the way, ( Oh forgot to say I passed the card I gave to Lana and Scott before I photographed it but it is on the same lines as the Peach and Ivory 60th Wedding Anniversary card I made for my Brother in Law), I hopefully can get back on track.  Not too long for Christmas and I have had enquiries as to when my "special" Christmas cards will be ready.  Well you know what that means more boxed cards.  I want to do flat cards for a change but I have forgotten how to do them now.
I am off now to search out my box with Christmas embellishments, sentiments, glitter and bits and bobs.  I also bought Chloe's Wreath Stamp to try, not very good at stamping, but thought I could give it a go as it is a big stamp and I may get away with it if it is not quite right.  Who am I kidding, get it right girl.
Before I start I must get round to commenting on your wonderful post, been sadly lacking in that department and must return the compliment  as you have taken time to comment on my posts.
So take care you all.
Wilma x x x

100th Post

Who would have believed it, I have reached 100 post in my blogging extravaganza and it has been a wonderful journey for me.  Who would have thought I would have been able to produce all these cards this time a few years ago when I first began card making.  Being introduced to all the wonderful bloggers out there has been an experience and a half and meeting up with Patricia and Hazel was a joy.  Patricia's encouragement for me to post on here set me on my way, thank you Patricia although hubby does not feel the same way as I have spent a fortune on crafting goodies .

I attended Lana and Scott's wedding reception on Friday night and it was a great night had wonderful company with Laura and Katie (neighbours and friends), Shelly (Laura's friend) and of course hubby.  Lana was gorgeous as was Scott and the kids.  I got a photo of the Candy Cart which by the time we made it to the venue was nearly bare.  I contributed the letters for the names and the hearts for decoration.

Candy Cart

Katie and Shelly

Mad Laura

Lana and Scott The Happy Couple
Off now to catch up and comment on your wonderful posts, better late then never, been so busy again.
Thank you for putting up with my waffling with be more coherent soon and back to serious crafting.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Sunday, 1 September 2013

What Katie Did!

Who is a happy bunny then, 51 followers no less, I am overjoyed especially with all the marvellous comments that have been given on my last few posts.  I mentioned that Katie and I had a craft night and I finally tracked her down to take a photograph of her with her makes.  She is so proud of them and beams every time she speaks about them.

The gift bag is a regular post on Blogs and the card is a pinch from Craftylizscreations who in turn borrowed it from Helen,  but hey ho that is what crafting is all about.

Katie with her crafty makes

The papers were a free download from Jak Heath 
When I have a "can't think of any to make moment" I make roses, butterflies and foliage from bits of card in my bit box so this is what Katie used, the ribbon and pearls were from my stock.
The gift bag was some card that I had around and Katie loved it,  it is double sided so she was doubly impressed, I cut everything out for her and demonstrated how to construct the card and bag, gave her some double sided tape and Cosmic Shimmer Acrylic Glue, some advice along the way and that was it, a happy young lady.
She now wants to make it a regular happening and one of her friends wants to join in,  I am only too happy to get youngsters interested in crafting so I may enjoy it too.  I will have to browse all the blogs to see what will be easy for them to try but after Katie's attempts it will not be long before I have to try more difficult cards.
I posted the two 60th Wedding Anniversary cards to my brother in law today and hopefully they will arrive safely.  Hubby says I went into overkill with the packaging but I did not want them squashed in transit.  I now eagerly await his reactions, whether he likes them or not.  Will post the second card tomorrow.
Thank you one and all for all the comments on my posts Every morning I am up with the lark eager to see how many comments I have, sometimes even before I have my coffee, now that is something as I cannot engage my brain till I have my caffeine fix.
Take care my lovelies.
Wilma x x x 



Sunday, 25 August 2013

60th Wedding Anniversary Card

Thank you all for your comments on my last post (sounds a bit off that) I will rephrase that, my last card,  I so love it that you have taken the time to view and comment.  Every day after I post my hubby will say "well how many comments today then" and I am so proud to tell him how many. 

Today is one of my 60th Wedding Anniversary cards,  this one is for a named couple and I really  like how it has turned out.  Hope you are not fed up seeing standard fancy cards.

card and box

Card for Gwen and Tom

Shaped card and box from Stella crafts
Peach and Ivory Card from my stock
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One, Floral Ovals and
 Heartfelt Creations Delicate Asters
I typed sentiment on PC
Pearls, ribbon and Dazzler from stash
Bit of Glitter on Leaves to jazz it up a bit.

When I was getting it ready for posting I added another Aster to the left hand side of the box because I thought it looked a bit bare, too late to photograph it as the light has gone.  It is now completed to my satisfaction and I hope my brother in law likes it.  I have added three different verses for him to choose one and he can adhere it to the inside with the double sided tape I have attached.
Well that's it for tonight, have to tidy up and have a coffee or maybe a wee glass of wine and think about getting more Christmas cards started or it will be on us before we know it.
Once again thank you for your wonderful comments, they are much appreciated.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where does all the time go?

WOW look at my followers, I have finally reached 50 followers and thank you Lydia for joining my happy crafty bunch of mates.  You are so welcome and I hope you enjoy the little gems I create. Well they are gems to me as I never believed I could make cards and it is only with the help and guidance of my fellow bloggers that I am able to do so.  So thank you one and all

Goodness had a bit of a rush this week, seems everyone wanted a card, like today!  My brother-in-law phoned from Billingham, could I make two 60th Wedding Anniversary cards, fancy (his words) and in a box.  Well the brain went into overdrive and I decided to use my usual trusted designs that went down well for Mother's Day as I do not know the recipients and have no idea what they would like.

My sister asked for two Baby Boy cards for her and a friend and two Baby Girl cards for one of her clients.  Luckily I had some baby cards prepared (I previously posted them) and only had to finish them off and make boxes for them.  My sister is the type to say if she does not like a card and I always have a bit of trepidation making cards for her, she is my younger sister but she intimidates me at times. I never feel the need to antagonise people, quiet life for me, but she really tries me at times.  Thank goodness they were up to her expectations.  I often wonder if she thinks I can pull a rabbit out of a hat as she never gives much notice of her needs/wants. 

My neighbour Laura, has a lovey daughter named Katie, and ages ago she asked if I could show her how to make gift bags and cards.  As I had all my crafting goodies out I invited her over on Thursday evening to have a girly night crafting.  She grasped thing quite quickly and as we were in a bit of a rush I cut everything out and she stuck it together but I explained each step to her along the way.  She made a gift bag and a card and guess what I forgot to take a photograph of her with her makes but will get her back tomorrow with them and will post a photo soon.

I also made another card, which has no sentiment on it yet as I will wait to seen if anyone wants it and then it can be personalised or use it myself later.

8 x 8 white card fold for an easel card
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Heartfelt Creations  Decorative Butterfly Corner (the larger of the two)
Card and backing paper from stash
Flowers from local craft store
Pearls, ribbon and heard from stash
I am now searching for verses for the Wedding Anniversary cards, any suggestions as to where I can find appropriate verses online.   I like to give a few choices so I tend to prepare a few for each card and use either sticky pads or tape on the back and leave it to the person who orders the cards to choose what one is most appropriate.  I know time consuming but I like to give people choices.
Lana, the bride to be, just called in to say she loved her heart gift and it is proudly displayed.  Friday is Wedding Day and I am so looking forward to the evening reception as she, her sister and friends are a ball of fire to be with.  There is so much planned to happen on the night that I think we will all have a great time.  The Candy Cart (sorry spelt it wrong before) is complete although I have not seen the finished article yet I will make sure I photograph it and post it here for you all to see.
Rambling again, but this is the first time I have been able to sit and type on the PC,  IPad is OK for little bits but as I am a touch typist I find is hard using a fiddly little keypad.  The youngster can rattle text messages off at a tremendous rate but I get on better using a bigger keyboard.  I promise to comment on more blogs over the next few days and I feel you all take the time to comment on my blog I should return the favour and do more..
Take care out there.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wedding Gift

I seem to have been stuck on 49 followers for such a long time would love it to read 50 sometime soon, but beggars cannot be choosers as they say.  I see from looking at how many people view and how many comment that there is a bit discrepancy but it would be nice if everyone who viewed/commented could maybe become a follower.  Ah well such is life.

I said I would try to come up with something different to present my money gift to Lana and Scott and this is what I came up with.  I know Lana's colours for the wedding are Ivory and Pink so that is what I chose to do this heart in

The heart I bought at Dobbies Garden Centre
The Gardenia flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
The pink card for the butterflies, and ribbon and pearls from my stash.
Martha Stewart wrapper to enclose money wallet which I made from some pink card
Sentiment from Kanban.
I made a card but forgot to photograph it whoops, head in the clouds.
Don't know if that sentiment is right or not will have to think about that.  I have straightened the bottom heart as it was at an angle when I photographed this.  Something different I suppose, I hate just handing over a money gift wallet.
The Candy Kart is just about completed, Lana's dad has added the material to the roof and I have given him the letters I cut out on my Cricut Mini to add to the scalloped edge.  I was going to assist but his two daughter have volunteered to do it so better for me that they do.  I will photograph it when complete.
Well I have been out and in with the little bit of washing to did today, one minute it is fine and sunny then along comes a squally shower and in they come again.  This last time they are in for good and will finish off drying them on the clothes dryer.  I am having a lazy day today, what's that I hear my hubby saying, I have one every day, well that is the joys of being retired, everything can be done in slow time if I want.  We are even eating out so no preparing a meal and washing dishes, oh this is the life.
Well ladies and gents, that's it for now, just leaves me to say take care out there and hope to hear from you all soon.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Little Green Box Card

After all the gremlins the other day I hope I have finally got my blog back to normal.  I just cannot fathom what went wrong but my text was all over the place.  Sorry if it put any of you off commenting but for those who did I much appreciate you taking the time so view and comment.

Today is in the same vein as the Christmas card but is a Birthday one.

8 x 8 scalloped card
Spotty card and green is a pack from Papermania
White Centura Pearl Card
Green Stripped Paper is a free download from Jak Heath
Spellbinders Rose Creations Die and Foliage Die
Ribbon and pearls from stash
Hopefully all is well when I post this.
I had a look at the Candy Kart for Lana's wedding and we have come up with a couple of ideas on how to add the couples names.  I have cut out all the letters and hearts, using my Cricut Mini, in a variety of sizes, to see what fits best. I must say Lana's dad has done a great job on the Kart and I suggested he hire it out after Lana's wedding.
Well here goes everything crossed, thank you for your patience.
Wilma x x x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Updated photo of invitation

I thought I would post better photographs of the wedding invitation we received.  Some of you were unable to read the script.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

More for the girls

Hello to you all,  my we have a nice day here sunshine, blue skies anyone would think it is summer.  Took my plaques to the club the other night and got some favourable comments, no sale, but it was very  quiet, a lot of people on holiday yet.  We will have to wait and see if they take off.

Not the best photo but you can see what they are.
Chalkboard from eBay, twine and ribbon and card from stash.

Now I really must get serious about making cards. My stocks are very low and Christmas is fast approaching.  
I also have a project to do for a couple who have been together for 19 years, they have 3 boys and 1 girl, and have decided to tie the knot.  They don't want presents but say money would be gratefully received to take them all on a family holiday after the wedding.  I didn't want to just hand them a wallet with cash, I want to present it differently and have an idea in mind.
 Last year the couple entered a Radio Forth "win a wedding package".  Whoever raised the most cash for charity would win the package.  On the day Scott and Lana were in the lead, raising over £13,000.00 but the couple who won added more of their own money, which was allowed, to win the prize.  The couple who won were unable to use the honeymoon part of the prize and offered it to Scott and Lana  who gratefully accepted it and had an early cruising honeymoon last November. They are a lovely couple and deserve the best as they have had to overcome some hardships in their time together.  My hubby and I are invited to the evening reception and this is the invitation we received.  It was designed by the kids.

I hope you can read it OK because I think it is so lovely.  They are proud parents.
That is it for tonight, take care you lovely people.
Wilma x x x