Sunday, 25 August 2013

60th Wedding Anniversary Card

Thank you all for your comments on my last post (sounds a bit off that) I will rephrase that, my last card,  I so love it that you have taken the time to view and comment.  Every day after I post my hubby will say "well how many comments today then" and I am so proud to tell him how many. 

Today is one of my 60th Wedding Anniversary cards,  this one is for a named couple and I really  like how it has turned out.  Hope you are not fed up seeing standard fancy cards.

card and box

Card for Gwen and Tom

Shaped card and box from Stella crafts
Peach and Ivory Card from my stock
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One, Floral Ovals and
 Heartfelt Creations Delicate Asters
I typed sentiment on PC
Pearls, ribbon and Dazzler from stash
Bit of Glitter on Leaves to jazz it up a bit.

When I was getting it ready for posting I added another Aster to the left hand side of the box because I thought it looked a bit bare, too late to photograph it as the light has gone.  It is now completed to my satisfaction and I hope my brother in law likes it.  I have added three different verses for him to choose one and he can adhere it to the inside with the double sided tape I have attached.
Well that's it for tonight, have to tidy up and have a coffee or maybe a wee glass of wine and think about getting more Christmas cards started or it will be on us before we know it.
Once again thank you for your wonderful comments, they are much appreciated.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Where does all the time go?

WOW look at my followers, I have finally reached 50 followers and thank you Lydia for joining my happy crafty bunch of mates.  You are so welcome and I hope you enjoy the little gems I create. Well they are gems to me as I never believed I could make cards and it is only with the help and guidance of my fellow bloggers that I am able to do so.  So thank you one and all

Goodness had a bit of a rush this week, seems everyone wanted a card, like today!  My brother-in-law phoned from Billingham, could I make two 60th Wedding Anniversary cards, fancy (his words) and in a box.  Well the brain went into overdrive and I decided to use my usual trusted designs that went down well for Mother's Day as I do not know the recipients and have no idea what they would like.

My sister asked for two Baby Boy cards for her and a friend and two Baby Girl cards for one of her clients.  Luckily I had some baby cards prepared (I previously posted them) and only had to finish them off and make boxes for them.  My sister is the type to say if she does not like a card and I always have a bit of trepidation making cards for her, she is my younger sister but she intimidates me at times. I never feel the need to antagonise people, quiet life for me, but she really tries me at times.  Thank goodness they were up to her expectations.  I often wonder if she thinks I can pull a rabbit out of a hat as she never gives much notice of her needs/wants. 

My neighbour Laura, has a lovey daughter named Katie, and ages ago she asked if I could show her how to make gift bags and cards.  As I had all my crafting goodies out I invited her over on Thursday evening to have a girly night crafting.  She grasped thing quite quickly and as we were in a bit of a rush I cut everything out and she stuck it together but I explained each step to her along the way.  She made a gift bag and a card and guess what I forgot to take a photograph of her with her makes but will get her back tomorrow with them and will post a photo soon.

I also made another card, which has no sentiment on it yet as I will wait to seen if anyone wants it and then it can be personalised or use it myself later.

8 x 8 white card fold for an easel card
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Heartfelt Creations  Decorative Butterfly Corner (the larger of the two)
Card and backing paper from stash
Flowers from local craft store
Pearls, ribbon and heard from stash
I am now searching for verses for the Wedding Anniversary cards, any suggestions as to where I can find appropriate verses online.   I like to give a few choices so I tend to prepare a few for each card and use either sticky pads or tape on the back and leave it to the person who orders the cards to choose what one is most appropriate.  I know time consuming but I like to give people choices.
Lana, the bride to be, just called in to say she loved her heart gift and it is proudly displayed.  Friday is Wedding Day and I am so looking forward to the evening reception as she, her sister and friends are a ball of fire to be with.  There is so much planned to happen on the night that I think we will all have a great time.  The Candy Cart (sorry spelt it wrong before) is complete although I have not seen the finished article yet I will make sure I photograph it and post it here for you all to see.
Rambling again, but this is the first time I have been able to sit and type on the PC,  IPad is OK for little bits but as I am a touch typist I find is hard using a fiddly little keypad.  The youngster can rattle text messages off at a tremendous rate but I get on better using a bigger keyboard.  I promise to comment on more blogs over the next few days and I feel you all take the time to comment on my blog I should return the favour and do more..
Take care out there.


Sunday, 18 August 2013

Wedding Gift

I seem to have been stuck on 49 followers for such a long time would love it to read 50 sometime soon, but beggars cannot be choosers as they say.  I see from looking at how many people view and how many comment that there is a bit discrepancy but it would be nice if everyone who viewed/commented could maybe become a follower.  Ah well such is life.

I said I would try to come up with something different to present my money gift to Lana and Scott and this is what I came up with.  I know Lana's colours for the wedding are Ivory and Pink so that is what I chose to do this heart in

The heart I bought at Dobbies Garden Centre
The Gardenia flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
The pink card for the butterflies, and ribbon and pearls from my stash.
Martha Stewart wrapper to enclose money wallet which I made from some pink card
Sentiment from Kanban.
I made a card but forgot to photograph it whoops, head in the clouds.
Don't know if that sentiment is right or not will have to think about that.  I have straightened the bottom heart as it was at an angle when I photographed this.  Something different I suppose, I hate just handing over a money gift wallet.
The Candy Kart is just about completed, Lana's dad has added the material to the roof and I have given him the letters I cut out on my Cricut Mini to add to the scalloped edge.  I was going to assist but his two daughter have volunteered to do it so better for me that they do.  I will photograph it when complete.
Well I have been out and in with the little bit of washing to did today, one minute it is fine and sunny then along comes a squally shower and in they come again.  This last time they are in for good and will finish off drying them on the clothes dryer.  I am having a lazy day today, what's that I hear my hubby saying, I have one every day, well that is the joys of being retired, everything can be done in slow time if I want.  We are even eating out so no preparing a meal and washing dishes, oh this is the life.
Well ladies and gents, that's it for now, just leaves me to say take care out there and hope to hear from you all soon.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Little Green Box Card

After all the gremlins the other day I hope I have finally got my blog back to normal.  I just cannot fathom what went wrong but my text was all over the place.  Sorry if it put any of you off commenting but for those who did I much appreciate you taking the time so view and comment.

Today is in the same vein as the Christmas card but is a Birthday one.

8 x 8 scalloped card
Spotty card and green is a pack from Papermania
White Centura Pearl Card
Green Stripped Paper is a free download from Jak Heath
Spellbinders Rose Creations Die and Foliage Die
Ribbon and pearls from stash
Hopefully all is well when I post this.
I had a look at the Candy Kart for Lana's wedding and we have come up with a couple of ideas on how to add the couples names.  I have cut out all the letters and hearts, using my Cricut Mini, in a variety of sizes, to see what fits best. I must say Lana's dad has done a great job on the Kart and I suggested he hire it out after Lana's wedding.
Well here goes everything crossed, thank you for your patience.
Wilma x x x

Monday, 12 August 2013

Updated photo of invitation

I thought I would post better photographs of the wedding invitation we received.  Some of you were unable to read the script.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

More for the girls

Hello to you all,  my we have a nice day here sunshine, blue skies anyone would think it is summer.  Took my plaques to the club the other night and got some favourable comments, no sale, but it was very  quiet, a lot of people on holiday yet.  We will have to wait and see if they take off.

Not the best photo but you can see what they are.
Chalkboard from eBay, twine and ribbon and card from stash.

Now I really must get serious about making cards. My stocks are very low and Christmas is fast approaching.  
I also have a project to do for a couple who have been together for 19 years, they have 3 boys and 1 girl, and have decided to tie the knot.  They don't want presents but say money would be gratefully received to take them all on a family holiday after the wedding.  I didn't want to just hand them a wallet with cash, I want to present it differently and have an idea in mind.
 Last year the couple entered a Radio Forth "win a wedding package".  Whoever raised the most cash for charity would win the package.  On the day Scott and Lana were in the lead, raising over £13,000.00 but the couple who won added more of their own money, which was allowed, to win the prize.  The couple who won were unable to use the honeymoon part of the prize and offered it to Scott and Lana  who gratefully accepted it and had an early cruising honeymoon last November. They are a lovely couple and deserve the best as they have had to overcome some hardships in their time together.  My hubby and I are invited to the evening reception and this is the invitation we received.  It was designed by the kids.

I hope you can read it OK because I think it is so lovely.  They are proud parents.
That is it for tonight, take care you lovely people.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Feeling Blue?

Good afternoon to you all, I seem to running round in circles these days not a lot of cards being produced but I am busy making plaques.  After the "Slimmer of he Month" plaques were presented some girls asked about making some to record their weekly loss so that is what I have been working on this past week.  Pictures will be posted soon.

I did make a card using Grand Labels Four die I just bought and love the style of them.  The card is a gorgeous shade of blue.

Blue card from Hobbycraft
White card Centura Pearl
Spellbinders Aster flower die and Grand Labels Four
M-bossibility Garden Lattice embossing folder
Pearls from stash
Peel off from stash

I have not added a sentiment yet will do that when I decide what to use it for.  I have made a start on my first Christmas card by cutting out some Christmas dies and pulling all elements together but it does feel funny making cards this early (early for me but needs must as I was caught out last year).  I know some of you ladies and gents are way ahead of me and have shown some beautiful Christmas cards.
I hope you are all in the "pink" as I am feeling not too bad these days.  No aches but still trying to loose some more weight, it is a struggle especially when you like the wrong foods for a healthy lifestyle but tonight is weigh in and I don't expect to see any loss as I have not been good.  I enjoy my wee night out with the girls, we chat, laugh and put the world to right.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x