Sunday, 26 May 2013

What a lot going on!!!!

Ok I know I have been absent for a while but I have tried to keep up with all your Blogs.  I have not commented all the time but I have been viewing them.

My floor laying turned into a marathon, hubby decided as well as laying the wooden floor we needed to renew the skirting, wardrobe doors and facings.  Then I decided to decorate the room myself, no need to spend more money. Ah never again. I am not as young as I used to be and going up and down ladders sure made me feel my age.  Next time no volunteering, get someone in.  One room down, one to go.

This was only getting the wooden floor laid but it was hard work moving things from one room to the other then back again especially all my crafting material which I tried unsuccessfully to disguise from hubby, better he did not know how much "stuff" I had.

Last Friday my mum took ill during the night, I had to telephone for an ambulance at 0430 as I could not get sense out of her and she was a dead weight lying over the bed. The paramedics were great as was the A&E especially at that time in the morning.  She was admitted and lots of tests carried out and its inner ear problems, a big name shortened to BPPV Vertigo.  Pretty frightening experience for her and me but she is home now but has lost a lot of confidence and needs more personal care help.

I am desperately trying to get my spare bedroom/craft-room sorted out so I can get back to making cards. Today the sun shone and it was lovely sitting out so not a lot done inside, tomorrow is another day.

I must welcome Hazel to Blogland, it has taken her a while and she it not up to par yet but great to see her onboard. She is the sister of Patricia who a lot of you will know. Hazel makes wonderful gift baskets which I think will be popular once she can post her photos.

Hopefully after tomorrow I will be in a position to show a card made by my delicate hands, not promising but the thought is there.  I am really missing my "playtime" and need my crafting fix.

Thought I should let you know why I was miss in action as I worry if I don't see a post from one of my blog friends.  I am well just fed up with all the upheaval but we are getting there.

Take care my friends.

Wilma x x x

Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Teenage Birthday Card

Oh my what have I got us into, I only wanted wooden flooring laid in my spare bedroom and it has turned into a marathon.  My hubby decided while my nephew was laying the floor we could do with new wardrobe doors and as the facing had to come off we could do with new skirting boards as well.  So a small job has turned into to major reconstruction as redecoration is required too.  Hopefully it will soon be over, hubby is as we speak painting the woodwork so I will be able to get the room set up over the next few days.  As this room was the spare bedroom and my craft room there was loads to things the be moved around and the other two bedrooms are jam packed with things.  We have decided to turn this newly decorated room in our new bedroom, as it is looking so pretty and get the other bedroom laid with wooden flooring as well.  Oh to get things back to normal, at least when this is complete there is no more reconstruction to do, it has all been done.

This card is one I made for a fifteen year old girl, I was stumped until I had a look at the Paper Shelter site and found a gorgeous topper and as it was a quick card I used the pre-coloured image and will attempt to colour the digi image at a later date.

Sorry the photo is not very good as I am a bit limited with access to my computer just now with all that is taking place.
I used an 8x8 card
Blue card as a background and layered some blue spotty card
The image is downloaded from The Paper Shelter (there was only one girl but I flipped another image and made it a bit smaller to get two girls dancing.)
Sentiment from Kanban
Well back to the grind, not much crafting taking place this weekend, more sanding down, sweeping up and painting.  I have a couple of commissions for later this week so will really have to get down to it soon.
Welcome to my new followers, its great to have you on board.
Take care.
Wilma x x x

Sunday, 5 May 2013

CAS Cards

Well I have tried something new for me, CAS cards.  Now when I first began blogging I have no idea what all the abbreviations stood for and had to ask, I still have to think and ask now and them even now.

I though why not try something simple and boy did it take an age before I came up with a card idea.  I think it is more difficult to do a little on a card rather than lots.  I feel more at ease die cutting and layering. but here is my effort. I made three just to be sure

DL white card
Ribbon from Hobbycraft
Butterfly die free from a magazine
Sentiment stamp circle from LOTV
Happy Birthday stamp from Clarity stamps
Pearls and love from stash
This may be a good starter card for the first class if it comes off in the Autumn.  I must thank you all for the feedback to my request for some ideas if I do take it up, they have been most helpful.  I still have to get in touch with Mary who apparently lives near me to meet up for a coffee/tea soon to get some advice from her.  You will get an email soon Mary.
Stamping direct on to a card scares me, but I have to think it is only a piece of card and if you fluff it you can always make another.  I really must practise stamping, I take the lazy way out and use digi stamps where possible.  I have download a few now and must make a card with them.  Previously I have used the pre-coloured images because I am still trying out the colouring in, not confident with that either.  Note to self, you will not gt anywhere sitting looking at the images, get colouring them and use your stamps.
Our weather today has not warmed up yet, it is forecast for sunshine tomorrow, don't hold your breath, but hope it does we Scots need some sun.  I saw on a blog that someone had 24 degrees in a sheltered spot, 14 would do me.
I hope you all are enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend, for me being retired every weekend can be a Bank Holiday, footloose and fancy free, there are not weekends jut one long holiday.  I never thought I would enjoy being retired because I loved working but because I suffered Work Related Stress one and half years before I retired I was very glad when retirement came around. Now I don't have enough hours in the day for all I want to do.
I may be absent for a week or so, we are laying two bedroom floors with wood and generally doing the up so my computer may be out of action.  I will still have my IPad but prefer typing on a keyboard.  I laugh at the younger generation using their thumbs to type, I was taught the touch typing way and when I use my phone to text my speeds drop dramatically.  My niece can type a text message in a few seconds but I am way behind.  But put her at a keyboard and I beat her hands down.
Only leaves me to say enjoy your holiday weekend and crafting if you can fit it in.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Thursday, 2 May 2013

One to brighten the day

Well who is a lucky girl then?  Before joining blogger I had no luck in winning anything but now it seems my name is popping up all over the place, yes I have won more Candy.  Kat at ran a blog candy and when I opened blogger yesterday morning there was my name.  Thank you Kat I look forward to receiving you candy.

My card today is one I made from die cuts in my box.  When I get a new die I love  to try it out and get carried away sometimes. Hence my bit box is overflowing, must get round to using more.  I think we crafters all have the same problem.


8 x 8 card
Yellow and black card from stash
Die'sire Embossalicious Chantilly Corner Embossing folder
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles and Rose Creations
Pearls and sentiment from stash
Marianne Butterfly die

The Thursday afternoon "Good Companions Club" my mother attends have asked if I would like to start an afternoon session showing them how to make cards and other bits and pieces.  I don't know if I can do this, I don't know where to start.  If any of you lovely ladies have any ideas I would welcome the input,    I would like to do it as their ages range from 60 something to 90 something and recently they have purchased a few cards from me.  I have donated a few cards to the club for their funds, they were cards I made when I first began crafting and did not know what to do with them.  They have raised £15 to date and I have a few more to hand in.  I honestly did not think when I first started making cards that they would prove so popular and now, because of all the encouragement I have received since posting on my blog, I am beginning to believe in myself.

OK then enough of my rambling I am off to browse your posts and comment on your, I am sure, beautiful creations.

Take care out there.

Wilma x x x