Sunday, 10 August 2014

Getting better

Not so long between my posts now that the weather has gone down hill.  More time for crafting
And boy have I been busy this week, 4 commissions and a wee project.

One of the commissions was for a wedding card, remit purple and white, to fit in an envelope and personalised.  I used a LOTV image and a card from my stash, spellbinder die, cannot find the packaging at the moment, printed sentiments on PC a few pearls and wallah a wedding card.

My neighbour Leigh is a pure nutter and any excuse for a "Girls Night" and she is there planning the event.  She came up with "P in the Dark" instead of "T in the Park" (Music festival held each year not far from us) and she enrolled everyone in to doing their bit, food, posters, security passes etc.  The event was to be held in our other neighbour's garden, gazebos were put up, a shed was utilised as a chill out zone, a photo booth and guess what, typical festival weather, it poured down.  Our spirits were not daunted and everyone turned up in festival garb and wellies, and a great night was had by all.  Ages ranged from kids to 66 year old (me).  I was tasked to come up with something different and also to produce moustaches and glasses for the photo booth cut from files on the Silhouette Cameo.  I racked my brains and came up with a memento of a wine  glass with P in the Dark for every one who attended, around 16 braved the weather.

poster for event

Memento of occasion

moustaches which were attached to straws

Julie Party Girl

Leigh organiser and nutter

Security Team

Rain did not stop us having a great night

Nicola and Lana enjoying the event

Just wish I could convey the atmosphere at the event we all have a fab time and it may be repeated next year.

Hope I have not bored you all but it's these girls who keep me young and on my toes.

Take care.

Wilma x x

Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Hot, Hot, Hot

WOW what a spell of glorious weather we are having, I love being out enjoying the sun and as a result not much crafting being done.  We also had a week at Killin in the caravan, a lovely break for me, hubby and the dogs.  Speaking of dogs, Shaolin, my lovely older dog was having problems walking, he has a badly fitting hip which flares up now and then, he had an Xray at our local Vets and they referred him to a specialist to have a more intense Xray.  Nothing really showed up except he has an extra vertebrae and a spare rib none of which is causing his pain.  He has to loose 3kg by the end of September and then if he has not improved may require a MIR scan.  So we are all on diet with him, fingers crossed it works as vet fees are not cheap, thank goodness for insurance as the first set of Xrays cost £189.00 and the other £645.00 which hopefully is covered.

I was asked on Tuesday to make a quick engagement card for my neighbour, Leigh, and this is what I came up with.

Sorry about the quality of the photo I forgot to take a photo of it and had to rush over to Leigh's before she passed it on to the recipient. Caught the late evening sun in the background. 

I used an 8 x 8 card, the heart was cut out from a file for Silhouette Cameo which I purchased from their online store for 75 cents 50p in our money.  I cut an offset in silver mirror and matted and layered some white and silver mirror card. The sentiment was typed on PC and I added some flower from Wild Orchid Crafts and a few pearls, and there you are a lovely (at least I love it) quick card.

Because I had not posted for a while I received an email from Patricia http://patricia- asking if I was Ok.  It was so lovely hearing from her and I assured her everything was fine.

That's it for now take care.

Wilma x x x

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Birthday card

Thank you so much for you kind comments on my last post, trying hard to get back into the swing again.

My card today is made with papers and embellishments from Craftwork cards.  This is a lovely set and I feel I will enjoy using it.  I used an 8" x 8" card from Anna Marie Designs, papers from Craftwork Cards along with  half of the  handbag card and sentiment, I lined the inside of the card with the script paper and printed a verse on the other half of the handbag (forgot to photograph it) and wallah a quick card

Today has been lazy, the weather has been iffy one minute looks like its going to pour down then the sun makes an appearance but then it disappears again.  Hope tomorrow brightens up, a little sunshine really lifts the spirit.

Well off to bed now, I wish I could sleep longer in the morning as soon as 0430/0500 comes round it is bling I am wide awake and I have to get up.  The dogs are fed up with me dragging the out for walkies at 0600.  They give me a look as if to say you go we will have a long lie.

Yawn . . .  . well must go take care out there.

Wilma x x 

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Bunting - repost

Hi to my fellow bloggers,  I have been MIA for a couple of months, not that I have not been following your posts, but I have had a break from serious card making, blame it on my Silhouette Cameo.  I have been on a huge learning curve with this wonderful machine and every time I log on to make a card I get distracted with all the great cutting files and projects which can be achieved with this machine.

Today I am posting a couple of projects I have been trying out.  We have new neighbours a couple of door down from us, I know Jackie and her girls as they lived in another part of the village.  The girls, Connie aged 5 and Tilly 6 months have just had their bedrooms decorated and I thought I would make some bunting for their walls.

This is Connie's

This is Tilly's

I used cutting files I bought for the Cameo and card that I have accumulated over the years, pearls and ribbon, quite effective I think.  You may have to zoom in on the pictures to see the Gingham dresses.

Photos are best I can get with the size of the bunting but Jackie and Connie are well impressed, Tilly has no choice being so young.

Hopefully now I have posted this today I may get back to card making, which I do enjoy doing.  I have been buying loads of things to make cards so I better use it before Hubby has a fit.  Every time he pokes his head in my craft room or I get a delivery he says and when will this be used then?  I have told him it will be a long winter and I will make inroads when the weather changes.  My excuse and I am sticking to it.

We had a wee holiday at Stonehaven a couple of weeks ago with the caravan and the weather was great for most of the time, I came home with a sun tan.  Hubby, the dogs and me what a nice break, my mum stayed with my youngest sister and it was a break from me for her too.  As she gets older the more immobile she gets and it hard work being with her 24/7 having to do so much for her.  Not that I am complaining but it did me good to have some time away.

As always I look forward to seeing all your beautiful creations and feel honoured that you take the time to look and comment on my post.  Take care.

Wilma x x x x

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Wildlife

Hi All,  today I was lazy and made a batch of cards from the Pollyanna Pickering CD brought to us by Linda Chapman at the CD also has cutting files for the Silhouette Cameo .  Everything you need to produce some gorgeous cards is on the CD all you need is Paper/card, double sided tape, foam pads and any embellishments you want. They did not take long to make after the initial printing off and cutting the mats and I thing they are wonderful (my opinion not praising myself as the prints are lovely).

I have not added any embellishments as I wanted to see how nice they were before I added anything.  I think you will agree that because of the quality of the print not much more is required.  Oh I did add three gems to the border of the elephant card, just noticed that.  Linda Chapman is forever going on about how nice black card is as a mat and I must totally agree with her in this case.  My mum wants me to do a picture frame with one of the images for her so another project in the offing.

I have recently downloaded a few cutting files for the Silhouette Cameo and need to try them out.  I have not given up using my dies but I find the Silhouette cuts a dream. I have been watching Create and Craft shows on the Brother Scan and Cut and maybe I should have waited for this to come out but seeing the price I am please my husband bought me the Cameo.  The only downside is you need to be attached to the PC in order to use the Cameo and you don't need a PC for the Scan and Cut.  Swings and roundabouts as the saying goes.

Hope you enjoy seeing my wee collection, now I cannot say "I don't do men's cards" as these fit the bill for male or female I think.  My stock of cards is getting low so I really must get my finger out and produce some more.

Thank you all for your very generous and kind comments on my posts, I really look forward to reading what you think of my work.  It makes my day when I see how many people have commented and taken the time to look at my projects and cards. Big, Big Thank You.

Take care.

Wilma x x x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Welcome Baby Molly

Hi All, been playing around with the shadow boxes again and as Charlotte, a neighbour, had a baby girl recently I made this as a wee keepsake.  Her daughter has a full head of black hair and is so cute.  She named her Molly Moonbeam and she is so pretty.

The shadow box is from Ikea, I love using these boxes.  They are 8 inches x 8 inches just the right size to play around with.  All the cut outs were done with various cutting files and my own words on the Silhouette Cameo (I know praising it again but I do love using it) the card and papers are from kits I bought ages ago and the flowers from my stash.  The photo is not great because it was snapped during the really dull cloudy spell we had a few weeks back and I could not use the flash because it just reflected on the glass.  Even the wooden frame looks ghastly but it is white I can assure you. Charlotte was most impressed and really loved it.  I feel I should have raised cut outs a bit but did not remember that there is a fair amount of space between the background and frame, not to self for next one.

Hope you are all well, I can see from you posts that there are some amazing designs out there. I was particularly impressed by Wendy L's card on Thursday 03 April 2014 just adore that design and may have to borrow it.  

Well the weather here is horrid again but one thing it is a bit milder.  I have been colder these last few weeks more than I was during the winter months.  We had two days sunshine and then it went downhill rapidly.  How I long for some good weather once more.  My niece had to travel to the Isle of Wight for a funeral and told us how good the weather down that way.  I was hoping she would bring some back with her.

Take care you all. I look forward to reading your comments on my latest post as they keep me wanting to try more and more different aspects of craft.

Wilma x x x 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What April Already?

Hello fellow crafters,  my where has the time gone. March has just been a blur and now April is here and what have I done recently.  The answer is not a lot.  I start of with good intentions but life just gets in the way.  I am so full of ideas I want to try that I am going to have sit back and prioritise all my tasks.  Firstly I need to get all my commission cards done and little projects some people have requested then I need to sort out what I want to try first.   I have bought Pollyanna Pickering World Wildlife CD and made three card with that but so want to make framed pictures as the images are so wonderful.  I also bought Craftwork Card pop up boxes and made one of them and another Craftwork Crafts Kitsch kit and really need to try that.  I have often said "I don't make men's cards" mainly because I have not focused my brain in that area but the Pollyanna Pickering CD is just right for a "man's card". I have gone mad recently buying kits and Cd's but I had some pennies left over from Christmas and felt I need to spend them on something useful.  I also find at night when I go to my craft room to make cards, I switch on the PC and the Internet calls me to check out to see if there is any new items on the Silhouette Cameo and of course You Tube calls me in to watch some videos then before I know it is time for bed.

Tonight's card was made for my sister to give her friend for her birthday. The only remit was "she likes orange".  Well I had downloaded the butterfly file for cutting out on the Silhouette Cameo and really wanted to try it out.

8x8 Card
Peach Glitter Card as background
American Card Tropical Orange card used for the butterfly overlay
I cut an aperture in the 8x8 card and placed it over the glitter card and overlay
The two side elements were from Wild Orchid Crafts
The sentiments from Kanban

Oops just noticed the big butterfly on the left, the wing has not been cut out fully, did not notice that until now.  Oh well no one else noticed it, so what is done is done.  I must admit it was made in a rush as my sister always wants a card like today.

Hope you are all well.  I am fine and am hoping to be able to comment on your posts soon.  I have been having a quick look but have not been able to comment on many.  This will have to become a priority as I do not want to loose any followers.  Took me a while to get to where I am today and I know a lot of people view my post but not a lot comment.

Only leaves me to thank those of you who have followed my blog and commented in the past and ask you to be patient if my post are few and far between.

Take care.

Wilma x x 

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Oh Boy where have the weeks gone?

I don't believe it has been so long since my last post, time just seems to slip through my fingers.  I have been busy making cards for some friends and because Mr Mojo has gone walkabout again I had a hard time trying to come up with some different designs.  Everyone would like something similar to some of my long standing cards but once someone has received one of these cards I have to think of something different.

Here is one I made for someone who has bought a few of my cards, her husband asked me to make one for her so this is what I came up with.  It is not a special birthday so did not go overboard.  Luckily he loved it.

8 x 8 card
Turquoise glitter card for background (she likes a bit of bling)
Hearts are cut out from Tattered Lace Chantily Heart die 
The border is a Spellbinder one whose name escapes me just now
The pleated paper was something I bought is a sale
Flowers from Wild Orchid
Sentiment is an oldie from Kanban
Pearls from stash.

Here is hoping that you are all well and escaping colds and flu during this cold spell.  We have sunshine today but extremely cold.  All winter we have escaped frost till the last week or two but it has been lovely seeing the sun for short bursts.

Off for a wander round your blogs to get some inspiration as you lovely ladies and of course John in Spain post some beautiful cards and projects.

Take care.

Wilma x x x

Saturday, 8 March 2014

No pennies left

Hi all, yes I did meet up with The Scottish Posse and yes Jenny I am one too. Lovely chat with the girls and made tentative arrangements to join them for their trip to NEC Birmingham later in the year, look out AngThe Ducks Doodahs (Tales from a happy crafter ))and ChristineChristine's Cards and Crafts) I heard about your shenanigans .  Also look out KateI Love Socks and Cards!!) I am joining them on their visit to you too hopefully.

My card today is another wedding one, requested for a lady's granddaughter, she wanted bling but did not know the colour theme for the wedding so we went for red.  She loved it, just waiting on her granddaughters reaction.

I won't go into detail with this card as it is much the same ingredients as in the past really must find a different style that the ladies appreciate as I am getting fed up making a variation on a theme, the ladies all adore this style of card.

Well I had a wonderful walk around the stalls today but feel they are getting less and less every year, what's with Scotland that the exhibitors do not want to come up to show their wares.  I bought some A3 card and 7" cards and envelopes from Anna Marie Designs, some chipboard rings hearts and oblong pieces , red double sided tape and a few more bits from the "Everything a Pound" stall, adhesive pearls from Mei Flower and a big bottle of Cosmic Shimmer PVA Glue, don,t know where that was from, some polystyrene rings for a project I saw on Remnant King's stall, some stencils and brushes for another project I saw demonstrated, to be revealed is I ever get round to doing them.

Now I am exhausted ready for bed.  Before I go as soon as I arrived home from Glasgow, Christopher, adopted grandchild from next door, was waiting for me in a tizz.  He had a project to be handed in by Monday, making a clock, and he had only received the project from his teacher late Friday afternoon.  Well long story from him, swimming on Friday evening, out with his dad today and on a school visit tomorrow and how was he going to fit this project in.  I sat him down and asked what was required and was given the low down so we set to work cutting out circles, numbers and clock hands and he got stuck up with glue trying to place the numbers on the clock but we got there and he is away happy that we achieved something.  His parting words were "I don't know what I would do without you", I love him to bits, he appreciates everything we do and I do miss having grandchildren up here.

Take care now off to bed after Casualty won't take long before I am dead to the world.

Wilma x x x

On my way to SECC Glasgow

I am sat here on the bus to Glasgow for the Hobbycrafts show at the SECC, pouring with rain but cosy letting someone else do the driving, bus passes are best thing ever. Being able to travel without the hassle of driving and parking and paying parking fees, bliss.  I was not sure if I was going to be able to make it but things worked out for me, so off to spend my saved up pennies.  Will try yo meet up with, as Ang calls them "the Scottish Posse" at lunch break, Patricia gave me a rough idea where they would be, looking forward to that.

I don't know if I have shared this one before but I love the colour and I get so many requests for the same style of card I tend to forget what I have posted.  If I was at home I would be able to check but not sitting on a bus.  So lease bear with me.

Well half way there, looking forward to spending even more money or just browsing, love the atmosphere of craft shows.  Will let you know what I have bought tomorrow.

Take care and thank you for visiting my blog, your comments are much appreciated.


Monday, 3 March 2014

Better late than never

Hi my fellow bloggers, hope you are all well.  I am fine, some gorgeous sunshine to day to brighten up the spirits.  I did mean to post these card earlier but time just runs away with me these days.  They are the cards I made for a 70th birthday and I had downloaded a file for the Silhouette Cameo recently from Craftsuprint, the designer was Amanda Davis, so decided to give it a try.

8 x 8 card
Creative Expressions Foundation Card in Teal, California Blue for Numbers and Tattered Lace Dies in the corners and Spellbinders Rose die 
Roses and background I used Creative Expression Foundation Milk and Coconut card

The numbers I mounted on an 8 x 8 card rather than cut out card design supplied as I wanted a bigger card.  The lady chose the first one so I have a spare in my box.

Since getting the Silhouette Cameo I have trawled the Internet for ideas and files to download and found an amazing amount of free files to use.  That is where all my time is going, trawling the Internet and You Tube for even more ideas.  Time now to put all I have learnt into action and to stop playing.   My craft space is filled with bits of cut outs I have tried.  I am often amazed at the intricate patterns the Cameo can cut and often try just to make sure it can do what is advertised.  Result, YES it can.  I still love my dies and the Tattered lace ones are top of my list at the moment but Spellbinders are still in use as you can see from the photos.

OK then ladies and gents I won't bore you any more suffice to say I have my pennies saved to spend at the SECC Glasgow this weekend at the Hobbycrafts show and to pick up more ideas from the lovely exhibitors.  Have not made up my mind yet what day to go but Saturday is looking good. (If that is the case Patricia and Hazel I will send and email and see if you want to meet up for a wee chat)

Take care out there, I look forward to reading all your comments as this is what keeps me posting albeit not as often as I should.

Wilma x x 

Thursday, 20 February 2014

For a Sister

Back once again with a card I made for a friend's sister. It seems whenever someone sees a particular colour of card everyone wants the same.

I have been busy making 70th birthday cards for a few ladies who have friends reaching that magical age and once I get them photographed I will post them.  Another special card for someone's mother and yet again they have asked for the hexagonal shape in a box.  Just about finished that one so another to photograph when I can get some decent light.

We had glimpses of sun yesterday but did not last long.  We have been very lucky this winter, not much snow, hardly any frost, but plenty of rain but no flooding, even the winds have stayed on the west coast and not bother us much.  Fingers crossed for the snow to stay away.

Here is my card.

Sorry about the quality of the photograph but it seems impossible to catch the light

8x8 scalloped card
Spellbinder embossing folder and grand decorative circle die
Wild Orchid roses
Senitments from Kanban
Card and pearls from stash

Am engrossed in the curling just now, waiting to see if GB (Scottish girls) get the Bronze, have followed them all the way through, fingers crossed.

Take care out there.

Wilma x x 

Sunday, 16 February 2014

PC back in action

Hi to you all, finally got round to downloading Chrome to see if it cured my PC problems with Blogger and yes it did.  Thank you for your help and advice.  Now I can comment on your posts as using the IPad to type was a pain.  When you have been a touch typist it is difficult to use a small keypad or one finger to type.

My card today is another one I made for Darcie's 7th birthday, the remit being Tinkerbell or Fairies, well this is the fairy one.  Darcie is a real girly girl and loves glitz and bling so this is what I came up with.

I used an 8 x 8 scalloped card and an image and background from My Craft Studio CD Walk in Wonderland, some glitter card for a mat, the 7th birthday was cut with my Silhouette Cameo and a spellbinder die for the sentiment, cannot remember what die it is.  The flowers and butterflies were from my stash.  The box is from Stella crafts and decorated with ribbon from my stash, the Happy Birthday was cut again will the Silhouette Cameo, the butterflies are a Marianne die.

I am waiting to hear if Darcie liked them because her birthday was Valentine's Day and I will not see her Gran till later this week.

So I am off now for a browse through your post and make some comments now I am able to type.  Hope you are all well and have not been affected too much with this horrendous weather.

Take care.

Wilma x x  

Saturday, 8 February 2014


Thank you all for you wonderful comments and advice.  Will download Chrome later and see what happens.  Meantime I will use my IPad.

I was asked to make a 7th Birthday card for Darcie who will be seven years old on her birthday on 14 Feb.  Remit was Tinkerbell or fairies.  I found this image in the internet and decided to use it.  I cut Tinkerbell out using my Silhouette Cameo, it really cuts close to the edge and I overlaid it on the topper with two small springs so she bounces when touched.  I cut a few Tinkerbells just to make sure I got it right and was amazed how accurate the cut was.

8 x 8 card, green card, butterflies and flowers from stash.  Image from internet, name and offset, Tinkerbell flying cut by Silhouette Cameo.  Sprinkled glamour dusk to give the card a magical feel.

I have been kept busy recently with requests for cards and because Mr Mojo has not been playing I have found it difficult to create cards but in the end I made it.

Possibly I will have my PC up and running with Mr Blogger tomorrow and I will be better able to download photos and type my comments.

Take care.



What's with all the requests for wedding cards?

Hi all, finally I have been able to get down to posting a card.  What with the dull weather and not being able to get a decent photo, (memo to self have to make a light box in order to take better photos), Mr Mojo running amok and a few other things getting in the way, I am glad to be able to return to the fold.  I am still experiencing difficulties accessing Blogger on my PC, will have to find time to research an alternative to Internet Explorer as this seems to be where my problems stem from.

Anyway enough of my woes,  recently I have been asked to make a few wedding cards.  I love it when the person requesting the card gives an idea od colour theme, names etc.  This one was a rush request but the remit was black and white with bling.  The couples names and date was supplied so helped a lot.  This is what I produced with only two days notice.

Sorry the picture quality is not the best as I am having to use IPad but you can see my card and box.  I used Spellbinder dies, aster, grand decorative squares, oval die with sentiment typed from PC in silver, glitter, ribbon and pearls from stash.  The white flower on the lid of the box started life as a 
Christmas decoration fro M & S.  I used Tattered Lace dies for other sentiments.

Anne who ordered the card was delighted with it.  I don't associate black for a wedding card but that was what she requested.

Hope you are all bearing up through this spell of horrendous weather.

Take care.

Wilma x x 

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Special baby

Hi you all, we had a lovely walk along the beach at Aberdour today, did us all good, the dogs really loved rolling around in the sand. While on the sandy beach we were sheltered from the real chilly wind and the sun shone for a while making it great for a walk.  It is funny when the sun is out how friendly people are, it helps if you have a dog or two.

My post today was a kit I bought last October at the Hobbycraft show at the SECC, Glasgow.  It is from Scary Mary and I really enjoyed making it up.

Sorry the quality is poor but I am having problems with my PC and blogger so am having to use my IPad.  The decoration was mainly from my stash, ribbon teddies, some peel offs, and a cute wee baby in the cot was from Scary Mary.

I made this up as Mr Mojo left me and I need something to give me a kick start.

After over eating over Christmas and New Year I have returned to Slimming World to get back on track.  I enjoy our local club, great bunch of ladies and sometimes we have a male attending, just wish I did not like chocolate and cream.

Well that's it for tonight, we have a frosty night out there so I am glad to be curled up on the sofa with a cup of coffee, hubby took the dogs for their last walk, and they have settled down for the night, bliss.

Take care my friends.

Wilma x x x 

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Ok here is another one

What a joy to have so many wonderful followers commenting on my work, thank you all.  Today I did a talk in making cards at my mother's Good Companions Club. Basically it was just to show them that making card is not difficult, its using your imagination and a few tools, paper and card ans sticky stuff and off you go.  Next time they would like to decorate boxes so I will cut the boxes out and glue them as time is a bit short and some ladies need a lot of assistance.  Then I will let them loose on my collection of flowers and other bits and bobs that I have had for ages..

After my first attempt at the shadow box, I decided to try another and this one I am happier with.

So sorry about the quality of the photo I am still having problems with blogger, it is not my PC  but google.  
My bargain shadow box, blue and white card from stash, lattice die from Spellbinders also resplendent rectangles, flowers from wild Orchid Crafts.

It went down very well at the club today as I have a few orders for more.  Typing this on my IPad is driving me crazy, I am trying yo resolve my problems with blogger on my PC.  I have been online and it seems a few people have the same problem.  It seems to be with Internet Explorer 8 because I am ok on my IPad using Safari.

Enough of my problems, hope you are all well and have My Mojo back onboard.  I seem to have found him again, thank goodness.

Take care you lovely people.

Wilma x x x 

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Baby Boy Blue

Thank you, thank you all for the wonderful comments on my last post.  I feel so humble, you are all stars, boosted me up no end.  I thought with my sporadic posts that I may loose your following, but no, I received lots of comments.  I forgot to mention that I did not design the card, it was one Nancy Watt showed on a Create and Craft show, sorry if you thought it was all my own work.  As Mr Mojo had deserted me I decided to try her design because it is so lovely.

Patricia dared me to post the shadow box (well thats what I call it) I made and feel I could have made it stand out more by decoupaging the giraffe a bit.  I intend decorating the frame but have to decide what with.

As I said previously the boxes were a bargain, the giraffe and words were cut with the silhouette Cameo. The flowers from Wild Orchid crafts and the ribbon from my stash.  

First attempt, I get excited and rush ahead without thinking too much. On seeing my completed box I can see how it can be improved.  Embossing the background, layering the giraffe and adding a bit of bling here and there.

I am having problems getting Blogger to load on my PC, keep getting an error messages so I am
having to use my IPad to post this. Hope I can get it resolved soon.

Once again thank you so very much for your much appreciated comments.

Take care.

Wilma xx x 

Sunday, 5 January 2014

New Year and Mojo returning (I hope)

Hi Crafters,  I feel I am getting my Mojo back as all ideas for card making flew out the window over the last few weeks.  I think making a load of Christmas Cards and Wreaths of the same design just made me give up.  Now with renewed vigour I have made a couple of cards for my sister's birthday today and now I feel ready to take on new challenges.

I bought a few shadow boxes from our local Hallmark shop in Dunfermline which is closing down they were priced at £10.00 then discounted to £3.99 and then half price  £1.98 so that as a bargain not to be sniffed at.  I have made my first box but am not too happy with it so with have to make up my mine whether to show it or not, but you learn from trying so hopefully my next one with hit the spot.

I have done so much reading up on my Silhouette Cameo that I am going stir crazy, it is time I put all I have been reading about into practise.  I have tried a few bits but really need to get my act together.  It is horrible when you want to try something but cannot summon up the enthusiasm to do it.  I have downloaded loads of files (freebies some special offers from Silhouette) now I have to produce something.  If any of you ladies see any items cut out on the Silhouette and would like some just drop me an email and I will post them off to you, no charge, I feel like you are family and I would love sharing them.

Enough of my ramblings here is the card I made for my mother to give to my sister. Sorry it has not photographed very well the lighting is so dreary these days.

The card is an 8 x 8 scalloped edge, matting is black and gold Creative Expressions Foundation card, the white card is Centura Pearl embossed/cut with Chantilly Lace Flourish die from Tattered Lace.  The shoe is also from Tattered Lace, I cut one in gold and one in black and overlaid the gold onto the black.  Sentiments from Kanban.  Added black ribbon, dazzler and pearls from stash.
That is it for tonight, only to hope you all have recovered from Christmas and New Year and are looking forward to seeing what 2014 has in store for us all.
Take care.
Wilma x x x