Sunday, 23 June 2013

Fabulous Shoes!!

I sat watching the Fab Sue Wilson on create and Craft Tool Shed, two hours of amazing cards and hints and tips, joy.  Have to sit on my hands today as I have spent too much this month on crafty goodies but next month is not too far away.  Now I am watching the 1700 show, oh I do want to buy more but no be strong.

I just had to purchase the Fabulous Shoes CD to match the Fabulous Fashion CD I bought earlier and here is a card I made last night.

I used an 8 x 8 white card
Backing papers/shoe/sentiment printed from CD
Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles largest and second smallest rectangle used
Ribbon, butterfly, and gems from stash
(not too sure about the ribbon, thought I would use a contrasting colour. What to you think? Maybe green would be better).
I have tried to make some cards to fit into envelopes rather than making boxes, not everyone wants to send boxed cards and this one would be OK.  I have loads more printed off ready to make something with so be prepared for more cards on a similar theme.
My mum is feeling better so I had promised to take her for a break in the caravan so we have two weeks booked.  My sister will pick up my mum after 7 days and take her back to her house till we come home.  That way I get a break from all the little bits involved in taking care of mum.  My two sisters work as Carers and doing personal care comes as second nature to them.  I think my difficulty is that mum lives with me and I feel she gets embarrassed if I have to do her personal care because we are together 24/7. We get there though and I will enjoy my break from her and relax and spend time with hubby and the dogs.
What a day as regards the weather, really hefty showers with some bright intervals and a bit windy, a change from the last couple of weeks.  I had a look at the long range forecast and it look not too bad for the two weeks we are on holiday,  but things can change, for the better I hope.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fabulous Fashion

How's this two for the price of one.  I had to try the Fabulous Fashion prints I had already prepared and instead of just doing one I did the two.  The brown mixture card was done first and I had a few obstacles to overcome so the next one was easier.  The shop front cards are lovely but you need to be prepared to do lots of cutting out which is not top of my favourite list.


All the prints were off the CD and the only thing added was some peel offs and acetate for the window.  Easy, two lovely cards.
Another lovely day today, the sun shone, there was a bit of a breeze and it kept the temperature down to a reasonable level.  I am glad that this wonderful weather is staying around.  I think it makes everyone feel better and boosts spirits.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Hinged Card

Thanks you all for your kind comments on my last card "Connies 5th Birthday".  I had not posted a card for such a long time I did not know how it would be viewed as it was an image I used before.  There were variations on this card and I was pleased how it worked out.  Have not heard from Connie's mum yet, she was to let me know if the card was OK and I would finish it off properly.

Today I had a try with the hinged cards and I feel they would be ideal for making up a set of Christmas cards to put in a box and make up as a set.  Or I can just make a few and add to my box in case a card is required quickly.  They are so cute, I am used to 8 x 8 cards so these look tiny to me  I will get used to them

Digi Image from The Paper Shelter
(pre coloured not confident enough to show my attempts at colouring in yet)
Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles
Kanban Sentiment
Card and Pearls from Stash
The weather has been great over the last week and I have made to most of sitting in the garden enjoying it, walking the dogs when I have been able to drag them out, they hate the warm weather, as a result not much crafting done. 
I now feel my Mojo has returned mainly due to all the encouragement I have received from you all and I may get stuck in and make a few projects I have been planning over the last few weeks.  I have seen so many things while browsing all your blogs that my hands just want to try everything.
I forgot to welcome my new followers, so welcome and I hope you enoy my humble attempts at card making etc.
Well that's it for tonight ladies and gents take care and look forward to more gorgeous creations.
Wilma x x x


Sunday, 16 June 2013

Connie's 5th Birthday Card

Today's post is not what I was going to make as I had printed off some Fabulous Fashion prints to make a shopfront card.  Then I remembered I had a card to make for a friends daughter, Connie, who will be 5 year old soon.  I love this image from The Paper Shelter and it looks so like Connie as you can see from her photo.  I have passed this card to her mum for approval and given her some verses to choose in care she does not like the one I have put on the card.

Connie ready for dance class. Just look at her curls
Front of Card

Card with drop down when held by Ribbon

Reverse of card with verse
The card is an 8 x 8 white card blank
The background and digi stamp is a download from The Paper Shelter
Name was created with Docrafts Digital Designer software as was green spotty paper
Sentiment and verse from my collection
Pearls and ribbon from stash.
I used an 8 x 8 card with fold at bottom so the age 5 page will drop down when held by the ribbon.
Sorry pictures are not up to much but I have not mastered quite how to make them lovely.  I thought Connie would like to use card as wall hanging after her birthday is over, hence the ribbon at the top.
Connie is such a sweet little girl that I thought she deserved something different and this is what I came up with.  Now I eagerly await your comments, just wish I had photographed them better.
What a lovely day we are having, sat out in the sun for a while this morning and read the Sunday Papers, took the dogs for a walk, they were reluctant as they don't like it warm and as I have the dinner prepared I will have another relax in the sun.
Take care you lovely crafters, will get round more posts after dinner as there are loads of wonderful
designs out there.
Wilma x x x

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Work in Progress

Sorry girls no card yet.   Have completed the Ruby Wedding Anniversary Card but have not shown it as I have shown one exactly the same before, it has a few variations but not enough to make it look different.

I have recently bought Fabulous Fashion CD ROM and have been printing off some paper to make the shopfront card, and a few templates for gift bags which I am going to try as my design inspiration has flown the coup.   It is horrid when you want to try something but just cannot put paper together to make it.  I keep choosing card, paper. dies, embossing folders etc but just cannot get them to pull together.  Been away too long but I will get there.  Here are my prints ready to use.

I have been browsing your wonderful posts and have a feeling that I may pull a few ideas from your beautiful cards, hope you don't mind.

We are all on the mend here.  Hubby's man flu is nearly gone, mother is not feeling as light headed and is able to take over more of her personal care and I am me just get on with it regardless.  The dogs had a haircut on Sunday and boy are they looking good.  After a short back and sides they tend to run around more and I can get them to go for a walk without having to drag them.  If they don't want to go for a walk, Shaolin especially, puts on the brakes and hides under the table where I cannot reach him, them Mei Li follows suit and I have a fight on my hands.  They don't like the warm weather so now it has cooled down, it is agreeing with them. 

Maybe tomorrow after I have made a few cards with the papers I have printed off my Mojo will return and I will have something to show.

Take care girls and "Carry on Crafting".

Wilma x x x


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Slowly does it!

Well it has been weeks since my last post but I am slowly getting back to normal.  Mum is better but still suffering light headiness and is working on getting her confidence back.  At 87 years of age she is doing not too badly.  She lives with me which can be good or bad, good because I was able to assist her over the last few weeks while she was ill and bad because we can get on one another's nerves.  That's just how it is for now.

I had infected sinus problems but that has cleared and hubby came down with a stinking cold so it has cough, sneeze, moan and groan for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully that is the end of it for now I want to get my life back.

The floors are laid and the rooms are nearly back to normal, the main bedroom is lovely, newly decorated with new floor, wardrobe doors, facing and skirting. New curtains, rug and bedding to set it off, looking good, just a few finishing touches and that will be that.  The other bedroom, well, let us just say it is getting there.  Still have to arrange some crafty things and finish labelling boxes then it will be down to some serious crafting, I have missed it so much.

My neighbour asked if I could rustle up a card for new born twin boys.  So I had a rummage and found a Kanban kit I bought a while back and it had a twin section which I was able to utilise.  Not much actual crafting in this one, more choosing papers and using some dies.  Something easy to break me in again.

Sorry the photo is very light we had brilliant sunshine for a change
As I said previously it was from a Kanban kit and Spellbinder Grand Dies
Well hopefully that is the end of my doldrums and I really have to get crafting as I have been asked to make a Girl 1st Birthday card for Wednesday, wheweeeee.  Also a Ruby wedding card (the same as one I made previously) for next Sunday, an 18th Birthday card for a girl for 20th July, a 5th Birthday card for a girl for 20th July and a Wedding card for 21 July.  So guess who better get her Mojo back quickly and get her finger out.  Luckily the girl who has ordered the last 4 cards has had a look at ones I have previously made and came with her order, nice one, don't have to do much thinking.
The "Turkish Delights" (namely Patricia and Hazel) should be back from the sunshine and no doubt we will hear from them in due course. Looking forward to hearing about all they got up to or not if they just chilled out.
That's it for now ladies take care and I hope to be back soon.
Wilma x x x