Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Wildlife

Hi All,  today I was lazy and made a batch of cards from the Pollyanna Pickering CD brought to us by Linda Chapman at http://creativecraftingworld.co.uk the CD also has cutting files for the Silhouette Cameo .  Everything you need to produce some gorgeous cards is on the CD all you need is Paper/card, double sided tape, foam pads and any embellishments you want. They did not take long to make after the initial printing off and cutting the mats and I thing they are wonderful (my opinion not praising myself as the prints are lovely).

I have not added any embellishments as I wanted to see how nice they were before I added anything.  I think you will agree that because of the quality of the print not much more is required.  Oh I did add three gems to the border of the elephant card, just noticed that.  Linda Chapman is forever going on about how nice black card is as a mat and I must totally agree with her in this case.  My mum wants me to do a picture frame with one of the images for her so another project in the offing.

I have recently downloaded a few cutting files for the Silhouette Cameo and need to try them out.  I have not given up using my dies but I find the Silhouette cuts a dream. I have been watching Create and Craft shows on the Brother Scan and Cut and maybe I should have waited for this to come out but seeing the price I am please my husband bought me the Cameo.  The only downside is you need to be attached to the PC in order to use the Cameo and you don't need a PC for the Scan and Cut.  Swings and roundabouts as the saying goes.

Hope you enjoy seeing my wee collection, now I cannot say "I don't do men's cards" as these fit the bill for male or female I think.  My stock of cards is getting low so I really must get my finger out and produce some more.

Thank you all for your very generous and kind comments on my posts, I really look forward to reading what you think of my work.  It makes my day when I see how many people have commented and taken the time to look at my projects and cards. Big, Big Thank You.

Take care.

Wilma x x x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Welcome Baby Molly

Hi All, been playing around with the shadow boxes again and as Charlotte, a neighbour, had a baby girl recently I made this as a wee keepsake.  Her daughter has a full head of black hair and is so cute.  She named her Molly Moonbeam and she is so pretty.

The shadow box is from Ikea, I love using these boxes.  They are 8 inches x 8 inches just the right size to play around with.  All the cut outs were done with various cutting files and my own words on the Silhouette Cameo (I know praising it again but I do love using it) the card and papers are from kits I bought ages ago and the flowers from my stash.  The photo is not great because it was snapped during the really dull cloudy spell we had a few weeks back and I could not use the flash because it just reflected on the glass.  Even the wooden frame looks ghastly but it is white I can assure you. Charlotte was most impressed and really loved it.  I feel I should have raised cut outs a bit but did not remember that there is a fair amount of space between the background and frame, not to self for next one.

Hope you are all well, I can see from you posts that there are some amazing designs out there. I was particularly impressed by Wendy L's card http://spanishcrafter.blogspot.co.uk/ on Thursday 03 April 2014 just adore that design and may have to borrow it.  

Well the weather here is horrid again but one thing it is a bit milder.  I have been colder these last few weeks more than I was during the winter months.  We had two days sunshine and then it went downhill rapidly.  How I long for some good weather once more.  My niece had to travel to the Isle of Wight for a funeral and told us how good the weather down that way.  I was hoping she would bring some back with her.

Take care you all. I look forward to reading your comments on my latest post as they keep me wanting to try more and more different aspects of craft.

Wilma x x x 

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

What April Already?

Hello fellow crafters,  my where has the time gone. March has just been a blur and now April is here and what have I done recently.  The answer is not a lot.  I start of with good intentions but life just gets in the way.  I am so full of ideas I want to try that I am going to have sit back and prioritise all my tasks.  Firstly I need to get all my commission cards done and little projects some people have requested then I need to sort out what I want to try first.   I have bought Pollyanna Pickering World Wildlife CD and made three card with that but so want to make framed pictures as the images are so wonderful.  I also bought Craftwork Card pop up boxes and made one of them and another Craftwork Crafts Kitsch kit and really need to try that.  I have often said "I don't make men's cards" mainly because I have not focused my brain in that area but the Pollyanna Pickering CD is just right for a "man's card". I have gone mad recently buying kits and Cd's but I had some pennies left over from Christmas and felt I need to spend them on something useful.  I also find at night when I go to my craft room to make cards, I switch on the PC and the Internet calls me to check out to see if there is any new items on the Silhouette Cameo and of course You Tube calls me in to watch some videos then before I know it is time for bed.

Tonight's card was made for my sister to give her friend for her birthday. The only remit was "she likes orange".  Well I had downloaded the butterfly file for cutting out on the Silhouette Cameo and really wanted to try it out.

8x8 Card
Peach Glitter Card as background
American Card Tropical Orange card used for the butterfly overlay
I cut an aperture in the 8x8 card and placed it over the glitter card and overlay
The two side elements were from Wild Orchid Crafts
The sentiments from Kanban

Oops just noticed the big butterfly on the left, the wing has not been cut out fully, did not notice that until now.  Oh well no one else noticed it, so what is done is done.  I must admit it was made in a rush as my sister always wants a card like today.

Hope you are all well.  I am fine and am hoping to be able to comment on your posts soon.  I have been having a quick look but have not been able to comment on many.  This will have to become a priority as I do not want to loose any followers.  Took me a while to get to where I am today and I know a lot of people view my post but not a lot comment.

Only leaves me to thank those of you who have followed my blog and commented in the past and ask you to be patient if my post are few and far between.

Take care.

Wilma x x