Monday, 29 April 2013

Thank you for answering my question and a baby card

Thank you all for answering my question on the disappearance of followers, it seems it is a "Blogger" issue as sometimes they are there and then they are not there.  Will just have to put up with it I expect.

I have been sitting at my desk trying to work up some enthusiasm in making a card.  I succeeded but now it's too dark to take a photo.  So this card, is one I made earlier, as the saying goes.  Again it is using the Kanban Kit I purchased.  Trying to age the Less is More feeling going but not succeeding.

Ingredients are from Kanban Kit on an A5 card, some Mirri Board, couple of pearls and a Spellbinders Die cut Mirri board for sentiment
Today is was housework, dreaded ironing, loads of washing which I was able to hang out and get dry and to test my embosser the other day I cut out loads of different coloured roses and sat this afternoon making some up.  The dogs decided on a long walk at lunch time which is unusual for them.  They have been put on light dog food, no treats, as the Vet advised me that they were "a bit podgy" yes like their mum a bit overweight.  It is doing them a power of good, they are walking better and running and chasing one another.  I know I spoilt them with food treats but now have seen the error of my ways.  Shaolin, the male dog, has a hip problem and is on steroids which does not help weight loss, but carrying extra weight is putting a strain on his hip so diet, diet, diet, is the order of the day.  I will have to join them as I have fallen by the wayside with my eating habits recently and will have to get walking more often.
Enough of my ramblings, suffice to say I have been browsing your blogs and what a wonderful talented lot you all are.  There are some amazing creations out there.  My nights are spent having a look see and commenting.
So ladies take care and keep adding your comments I love reading them.
Wilma x x x

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Question and Ruby Anniversary Card

Help, where am I going wrong.  I know you computer/blogger literate ladies will be able to help me, my followers keep disappearing. the space is there to show them but they are nowhere to be seen.  I have tried deleting and replacing, moving it around.  When I am in design mode I can see all my followers but after I save and go back to blog they have disappeared.  Any assistance would be gratefully received.

While in preview mode I have noticed two new followers but I cannot find out who they are, but thank you ladies from joining my humble blog.  Kath at Lilackat I have manged to add your Candy photo, that was easy for a numpty like me.

My card today is a 40th Wedding Anniversary card request by one of my Mum's friends. I asked her what she would like on it and her reply was "just one of them fancy cards you do".  She is 90 years old and wanders a bit so I hope she likes my "fancy card".

8" x 8" card
Red and White card from stash
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One, Grand Labels One, Rose Creations.
Heart and sentiment from Kanban
Leaves, feather and Pearls from stash
Card Holder from Stella Cards
I bought a kit from Kanban and am slowly working through the pack, it's Love and Marriage, Birth and Celebrations and Well Wishes and Celebrations.  There is such a lot in the pack that I feel I will never be able to get through it all but if I get my finger out and try CAS and LIS cards I will get loads of cards made.  I just cannot get my head round using just a little on a card, as you may have already found out from my cards.  Erika has it down to a fine art her cards are so elegant I must take a leaf out of her book, Oksana , her cards are beautiful too.  In fact all the blogs I follow the cards are so varied and gorgeous that I am often in awe when I look through them.
OK then that's all for tonight, take care out there.
Wilma x x x

Saturday, 27 April 2013

Happy Crafter

Well here I am back with my review of the Ebosser.  I approached the machine a bit tentatively because prior to receiving it I read a lot of reviews, some good, some not so good.  Main concern was jamming it up by using the wrong stack.  I got it out of the box and looked, read the manual, not just once, but loads of times.  Set the instructions up in front of me and gave it a go.  I used the most difficult, for me at least, Spellbinder die, the Christmas tree. and it just sailed through.  Time for another go and another and another.  It was so easy to use and the embossing is so deep.  I tried a whole load of dies and embossing folders and every one went through perfectly. Guess what is my new best friend.  One thing as you stack it differently from the Grand Calibur you have to remember that and not cut the magnetic mat, or shim as it is called, as I did.  Oops that's what I get for being over confident.  I can thoroughly recommend the Ebosser.

My hubby took my poor Grand Calibur up to his shed to see if he could bring it back to life and lo and behold he did.  Now he is not the most DIY friendly person but I congratulate him for a job well done.  He asked me to point out that there is something inside that works loose and if you hear a loud clunk and rattle as I did them it means the bolts have worked loose.  An allen key is required after you have worked out how to take it apart. It is working but not perfectly, enough for little one off tasks, I feel.

I have been asked to do some baby girl cards on the same lines as my last lot of cards, oh I am getting so fed up of them, but it is what the customer wants.

The main ingredients are as before and I used a Kanban kit I bought recently.  Sorry the photo is not up to standard but the sun disappeared just before I took them but you can see the layout.
Tomorrow I really want to try something different I have made a few baskets but have still to finish decorating them. 
Now all that is left to do is to pick up all the bits from my die cutting tonight, some dies really leave a mess not matter how careful you are at aiming for the bin, and put everything back in it rightful place.  I had a bit of a tidy up the other day and cannot find a thing.  I still have to label the boxes so I have an idea where things are but sometime they are not where I think they should be.
Have a great weekend and make the most of the sun, although we still have it very cold. Nice in the sun out of the breeze but when there is not sun it is freezing.
Wilma x x x


Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No Card yet but watch this space

I am now a happy bunny, after sadly loosing my Grand Calibur to the resting place for worn out machines, I did work it very hard over the last few weeks, I have become the owner of an Ebosser. Trying to get one was a nightmare.  On 25th March I ordered one from Oyster Stamps this was before my Grand Calibur died on me and was informed of a 2/3 week delivery.  I though OK I can wait, then as you all know my GC died, but I decided a few more days then I will get my Ebosser. Not to be, Oyster Stamps posted on their website there was a further delay.  As I have a few cards outstanding to make I needed a die cutting machine. I trawled the Internet and lo and behold Handy Hippo had four Ebossers in stock and next day delivery would only cost £4.95 and the machine was only a £10.00 more than Oyster stamps.  I noticed if I signed up for their newsletter there was a 10 % discount so all in all I was on a winning streak.

First of all I had to contact Oyster Stamps and explain my predicament and they were so helpful and cancelled my order with them.  They could have been horrid but no they were lovely.  I have bought from them on numerous occasions and they have been great.  Thank you Oyster Stamps and thank you Handy Hippo for great service. I had a look on Handy Hippo's website today and they were out of stock of Ebossers, lucky me.

I ordered the Ebosser at tennish yesterday and took delivery at tennish today. What service.  Guess what I have been doing all afternoon, yes, playing. What joy not having to crank the handle and the embossing is so deep.  I still love my GC and hope to get it resurrected in due course, now I have to stop playing and get down to hard work.

Well ladies thanks for putting up with my saga,  the story ends here, on a happy note of course.

Take care

Wilma x x x

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Disaster! ! !

What to do, my Grand Calibur has packed in.  I was using it tonight and there was a loud  crack and a crunch and there it was no more.  I am waiting delivery of an Embosser which should be here by the end of the month but I am distraught.  Luckily I have completed all my commission cards and need to make one more but its not to be elaborate just a normal card.  What's that I hear, I don't do ordinary cards, yes I do when I can.

So now its off to bed with a tear in my eye wondering how I can survive without my beloved Grand Calibur.  Every card I make I use my machine and now I will have get back to basics.

No card tonight, I have not photographed the one I completed last night but will do that tomorrow.

Night ladies.

Wilma x x x 

Monday, 15 April 2013

latest batch

Hi my fellow bloggers, hope you are all well.  I am enjoying the change in the weather, it's getting warmer, whoopee.  Oh better not say too much it may return to Arctic conditions if I sound too happy.  It is not sun bathing weather but a lot more pleasurable walking the dogs.

I have been busy making more cards as you will see below but hope now that the run is over.  I did enjoy making the cards but want to try something different and not the same old style.  It seems everyone liked the style and today I made what I think is my last one for a while.  Have not been able to photograph it but tomorrow is another day.  The few I have posted tonight went out over the weekend and the ladies who ordered them were delighted.  I added a stick pin to each one and they loved that addition.


Ingredients are much the same as before Spellbinders dies, hexagonal cards and boxes from Stella Crafts, Marianne butterfly die, flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts except the roses they were and made with Spellbinders Rose Creation die, the remainder of items from my stash.
I have enjoyed browsing through your blogs and as usual am amazed and the wonderful creations that can be found there.  There is so much I want to try but not enough days in the week to get to them all.  Have to be better organised.
That's it for tonight, hope this weather continues.
Wilma x x x





Saturday, 6 April 2013

More of the same

Good evening to you all.  I have not had a chance to post for ages as I have been making one card after another and all nearly the same style.  That was the reason for not posting on my blog as I did not think you would want to see the same card with some variations and different colours.  My mother attends a small Bingo Club on a Tuesday and someone had seen a Mother's day card I made and wanted one, well it snowballed and I had orders, some in blue, lilac and yellow.  Then word got round to her Good Companions Club (a wee social club for over 65's) and more orders followed.  I have tried to vary them as much as possible but there is only so far you can go.  I have another one to make for a 60th birthday this week and have been asked for more.

I really want to make something different now but feel I must complete my orders before I attempt anything different.

I have been able to browse through your blogs and have been amazed at the talent out there.  There is so much I want to try and some day I will get round to doing it all.

Here is my latest card and box, sorry the photo is not up to much, the sun was shining and I got a bit of shadow on the card

The card is 8 x 8
Card is from my stash
Spellbinders dies: Grand Decorative Circles, Floral Ovals and foliage
Spellbinders M-Bossibilities Garden Lattice Folder
Flowers from Wild Orchid Crafts
The ribbon, pearls and butterfly from stash
Sentiment from Kanban
Box from Stella Crafts (a lot easier then cutting out myself, lazy I know)
Well time for bed I think, I have been cutting out the elements for my next card and feel my right arm is ready to fall off but I have a solution.  My hubby has taken pity on me and is sharing the cost of an Ebosser machine which I believe will make life easier in a way.  I have ordered it from Oyster Stamps as they were the cheapest but there is a 2-3 week delivery but I can wait.
Take care you all, I hope it warms up soon.
Wilma x x x