Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mother's Day Card

It is so nice being able to post  a card so quickly.  I had to have a rest from the commission card as it gets a bit repetitive doing the same two cards all the time.  So here is a Mother's day card I played around with yesterday and today.  I bought the lemon card yesterday while I was at my local craft shop just because I loved the colour, luckily in my stash I have a few bits which made a card.  I love the boxes from Stella Crafts they are so easy to assembly and not expensive and saves a lot of heartache sizing, scoring, cutting and gluing.

8X8 white card
Creative Expressions Foundation Coconut white card
Lemon Card/glitter card and small butterfly from local craft shop
Gardenia from Wild Orchid (It was in their sale and did not cost much for 6)
Box from Stella Crafts (ready to make up so easy to do)
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Garden Lattice
Spellbinders Floral Ovals
Butterfly - Marianne die
Spotty ribbon from local craft shop
Mum Stamp - Papermania
Pearls from stash
I don't know why but I really enjoyed making this card, maybe it was the colour which brightens up the day.  Lemon/yellow always makes me feel lighter. 
I took the dogs for a haircut today and they look adorable once more.  I knew when I bought them that if I intended to keep their coats short it would cost me but I much prefer grooming them when their coats are short.  They are right rummagers always in scrub and if their coats were long I would have a job trying to get all the bits and matts out.  I love to see them running around off the lead than being constantly on the lead, they do come back to me when I call them, well nearly always.  Shaolin tries to prove he is top dog sometimes but he knows who is boss.  Mei Li often follows suit but she is just a sweetie and will do anything for a titbit.  I often feel like going on a dog grooming course because it would be cheaper than paying someone to do it but its not just the cost of the course but all the equipment you need as well.  At the moment I will pay Pamela to groom them.
I contacted Charlotte at enquire if I had to book a place to see Sue Wilson who is demonstrating on the 6th July and she replied that it was an open day and just to turn up.  Great news I have always wanted to meet Sue so will take advantage of her visiting Aberdeen, Scotland.
Well that's all for tonight ladies.  I await your comments on my post tonight and off to browse/comment on your lovely blogs.
Take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x


Friday, 22 February 2013

Not a card toay

Just to let you all know I am in the land of the living.  I have not posted for a week and am feeling left out after browsing your blogs.  What a wonderful array of cards produced by you lovely ladies.

I have been busy reproducing some of the last cards I posted as word got round and now everyone wants a card like this, especially for Mothers Day so I have been kept at it.  I don't mind as I love making them and making the roses.  The reaction I have had to these cards has been great so will have to get my thinking cap on to come up with something else.

To keep my blog going I though you might like to see something I make last year while on holiday with the caravan in Grantown on Spey.  I decided I would not take any crafty things with me and one day I went for a wander round the town and found a lovely craft shop, well what else would I be looking for, and the lady in there was delightful.  I could not justify buying any more craft tools so had a look at other things.  I saw a crochet kit on sale and I thought although I had not crocheted for a long time I would give it a go.  The material is a type of jersey and the crochet hook is ginormous. is call Zpagetti and the kit include the handles for the bag.  Well I finished it so quickly after a few false starts and when I came home my mother claimed ownership of it.  Here is a photo of the finished bag

I added a felt flower cut with Spellbinders die, and my mum uses the bag all the time.  I lined it with an old pillowslip cut to size and sewn in.
Well ladies that's it for now until I finish my latest batch of cards and find something else to try.
Did you see the news (Scottish Ladies) that Sue Wilson is visiting THE PAPETERIE in Aberdeen in July,  I for one will be there as she is going to demo 20 cards then auction them off for a charity supported by the Mill.
Well that's all for now take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x

Friday, 15 February 2013

Last in the Series

Here we go again, this is the last card, for the moment, I have had to make using the same design.  I just love making this style of card and I said the last one was my favourite but maybe this one is.  I now await your comments.  Will have to get the brain box working again to see what I can come up with tonight.  I was out shopping today and went into Reject our local haberdashery/craft/multitude of items store and bought some ready made flowers which will go with the ones I ordered from Wild Orchid but what to do with them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm will have a play.

Shaped card and box from Stella Crafts
Milk and Blush Card from Creative Expressions Foundation Card
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Spellbinders Rose Creations
Spellbinder Resplendent Rectangles
Spellbinder Foliage Dies
Butterfly Marianne Die
Ribbon, sentiment glitter and decorative peel off from stash
The roses are glittered but this has not shown up very well in the photo.
I just adore the soft look of the card used which in real life has a bit more colour than is shown in the photo.
Well ladies I am off to play before it is last walkies time.
Take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x x


Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Continuing the Theme

What a day, it snowed from 0600 this morning till around 1500 this afternoon them it turned to rain.  I took the dogs out for their last walk and it is fair but water lying all over the place with the melting snow. Glad we are not on a flood plane as the water has nowhere to go.  At least the forecast for the next few days is promising, just have to wait and see.  The dogs this morning love running in the new snow.  If they find a patch which has not been walked on they have to make their mark and run all over it, noses down like shovels.  I have the task of drying them when we get home but it is great to see them enjoying it.

This is the second in my series of cards and I just love this one.  My sister wanted a card for one of her work mates who is retiring this week and wanted something different from the normal run of the mill cards so this is what I came up with.  I had to take the photographs out in the conservatory to get some light to avoid reflection and these are the best of the bunch sorry about the background I forgot to put something behind them to make the photo stand out.

The card inside the box

The card

The Box and Card


Same as last post except the papers were printed from
Docrafts Me to You - Especially For You CD Rom
Image from LOTV which was already coloured
Sentiment done on PC

I really must take a course in photography in order to do my cards justice.  I am so eager to get them snapped that it is not until I download them to my Blog that I see where I have gone wrong especially the backgrounds.  Hope you like my effort tonight, one more to go and then I will have to try something different.
Well I hope you are all well and no major problems.  Just take care and wrap up warm.
Big Hugs.
Wilma x x x x


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

A card for Mary

My goodness has it been over a week since my last post, does not seem that long.  I have been running around doing this and that and getting nowhere fast.  When I worked full time I felt more in control, I was able to run a house, do the garden, have some me time etc but now I have retired I just do not know where the time goes.  It's not anything specific but I do have to spend more time caring for my mother who lives with me and is increasingly relying on me to help with her personal care, run her to appointments, social clubs, bingo, she is out more than me. 

Anyway my mother asked me to make a card for her friend, Mary, who is ninety one and is moving into sheltered accommodation 10 miles away to be nearer her daughter.  My mother and Mary attend a "Good Companions Club" on a Thursday afternoon and my mother though a card signed by them all  to wish her well in her new home would be a good idea.  I wanted to make a keepsake card so here is what I produced.

The Card

Card in Box - Below is the inside of card leaving enough room for all to leave their comments

Shaped card and box from Stella Crafts
Teal and White Card from Creative Expressions foundation card
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Spellbinders Rose Creations
Spellbinder Resplendent Rectangles
Spellbinder Foliage Dies
Butterfly Marianne Die
Ribbon from stash
Dazzler from Creative Expressions
Sentiment and verse computer generated
I left the card without a sentiment because I felt it would spoil the card but placed it on the box. The ladies at the "club" were very pleased with the card and I have received a few orders for some more.  Looks like I am going to be busy.   I just love making the roses now that I have had the full tutorial from Patricia but I must admit I have bought a few flowers today after seeing Christina's post yesterday with a tutorial on making corsages and she had a link to Wild Orchid so I ordered a few different flowers to try the corsage.  Another project on my list is to try making hat pins.  I am going to the craft show at SECC Glasgow in March so will have a look for pins and beads there, will have to try and finish all my cards before I try a new project.
When I browse through all your posts I often see lots of projects I would love to try, but I tend to vary anything I try and add my "bit" to it. 
Flora, Patricia (see above) and Hazel were concerned that I had not posted anything on here for a while and I was touched by their messages.  It is wonderful to feel that you have friends around who take an interest in you and are very caring.  Thank you ladies.
Well you may get sick of this style of card soon, as I said I have a few to complete, but they will all be different but on the same lines.  Did that sound right, no, but you know what I mean.
Well ladies, hope you are all well and having a wonderful time crafting.  Time for bed.
Night, night.  Wrap up warm and take care.
Wilma x x x 

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Set the record right

Hi there, have to set the record straight, the image on my last card was pre coloured, I only used my Promarkers on the sentiment. It seem some of you lovely ladies  have the idea that brave though I am I could never have produced such a beautiful image.

Wilma x x x 

Saturday, 2 February 2013

What's with all these baby cards?

While browsing your wonderful posts today, one really caught my eye, it was an easel card by Christina at  she said that her image came from another site which I had to have a look at.  Her post today showed a card from Paper Creator and after I had a look I downloaded a few digi kits from them.  My card is made from one of them.

Easel card cut with Spellbinders Grand Labels One
Paper and image download in digi kit from Paper Creators
Sentiment from Cuddly Buddly Barbara Anne Williams Wee Ones Digi stamps
Coloured with Promakers (see I am using them)
Not too sure about the snail  top right may have to swap that for a ribbon
Bling from stash (although I feel I should have left that off)
I fell in love with the duckling image and just had to make a card with it. I am hoping to get back on track soon as I can because I am sadly lacking in the crafting scene recently.  I have plenty time to craft but the motivation seem to have gone.  Maybe having some images I like will get me going again.
We had a lovely day here today, bit cold but sun shining.  So at lunchtime I took the dogs for a long walk and when we arrived at the field and I let them of the lead it was like being released from prison.  Off they went rolling in the grass and chasing one another and just generally having a great time.  It was nice to see them playing as they have spent a lot of time on the lead, mainly for my benefit as I hate slippy conditions and did not want to have to chase them to get leads on.  We were all pretty puffed when we arrived home so while they lazed around I had a coffee and a browse and that was when I noticed Christina's post and that led to Paper Creators site where I downloaded my goodies.  It is supposed to rain tomorrow so I don't expect we will be walking far but it the forecast is wrong we may do the same as today.
I hope you are all well and crafting,  I have a lot of posts to catch up with tonight so take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x