Tuesday, 5 November 2013

A little bit of Bling

Thank you all for your complimentary comments on my last card,  can't really take the credit as the dies did all the work.

What a night for fireworks round here, some people must have too much money by the sound of all the bangs and flashes going off all around.  I don't mean to be a bah humbug person but I feel organised displays are far better than setting fireworks off in gardens.  My main bugbear is the dogs of course.  Mei Li is terrified, sits shaking and hiding when she hears a bang but Shaolin is completely different he sits in the conservatory watching the rockets go off.  I had him out for has last walk and a rocket went off above his head and he just looked up and went on with his business.  Mei Li needless to say is still hiding, don't know when I will get her out.

My card tonight has the bling factor thought I would cheer myself up and bling my card.

I bought some 7 x 7 card from Anna Marie Designs at the SECC  and quite like the size.  The Tattered Lace Shoe  is die cut from some blue card mounted on Centura Pearl and the bling is added around the card and in the shoe.  I added a blue feather and ribbon and some hearts left over from another project. Sentiment will be added later.  On reflection I think I should have embossed the card the shoes are on but then it might have been too much.  What do you think, I love to hear your comments/suggestions.

It sounds as though it has quietened down outside so I will attempt to take Mei Li out.  It might take a bit of persuading but as long as nothing explodes she will be OK.

Thank you all for looking at my offerings and making so many lovely comments, I look forward to reading them all and am willing to take constructive criticism on the chin.

I hope the Scottish Posse (as Mrs Duck calls them) have a wonderful time at the NEC Birmingham only wish I had been going too.

Take care out there and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x x



  1. Hi Wilma this card is really lovely, Ollie doesn't care about the fireworks either but I agree I think they should be just used at displays. I'm not going to the NEC either this time, but we are going next March! and lots of blogging buddies meeting up I hope. Huggles Sue xxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely girly card Wilma as most ladies love shoes...love the feather on your card


  3. Wilma your card is lovely - love the shoes and feathers. Our Harris would have been on my knee if he was allowed, big lab on my knee no way. He hates bangs of any kind, thankfully it's now quite. Hazel xxx

  4. Hi Wilma, your card is gorgeous, those shoe dies are fantastic, and I think you've designed your card just right, gorgeoys colours too.

    My son's dog molly is scared witless by fireworks, and she is an old girl now, so she gets really mollicoddled on fireworks night. Hope your wee dog is alright, hugs kate x

  5. gorgeous card design Wilma, love those shoes and feathers with the bling..
    our lab Murphy is not bothered with the bangs, just watch1s the fireworks over head if he goes in the garden.

  6. Hi Wilma,
    superb card. Love those heels. Oh those were the days when I could wear high heels. lol. Love this design card, and those dies are super.
    I too agree about the fireworks. It is funny how some dogs don't mind them and some are so afraid of them.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Good morning Wilma,
    Love, love, love it, fantastic shoes making a stunning card.
    My kind of shoes, unfortunately it is the boots again, so blooming cold!!!
    Have a great day

    Patricia xx

  8. lovely card Wilma great colour and design
    thank you for joining my new blog although there wont be as many posts as my card blog :-)
    jacqui x

  9. Hello Wilma, I love your card...the shoes are fab! I'm with you, fireworks should be at displays only. Where I live, this year, although there are some young families, there were none in gardens..but there were plenty of local displays, so I guess they all went to them..phew! Carole Z X

  10. i NEED these shoes!!!! Great card Wilma. x

  11. Gorgeous card design Wilma the tattered lace shoe and color with the fun bling really make an outstanding card.

    Hugs Diane

  12. Loving all the bling Wilma, great shoes there too.
    Hope the animals made it through the evening ok?
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika.

  13. Hi Wilma,
    Great girly card, love the bling. And yes I'm with you and the organised display front, much safer. We had two German Shorthaired Pointers sadly now in doggie heaven, one was terrible and one did not care at all.