Sunday, 6 April 2014

Welcome Baby Molly

Hi All, been playing around with the shadow boxes again and as Charlotte, a neighbour, had a baby girl recently I made this as a wee keepsake.  Her daughter has a full head of black hair and is so cute.  She named her Molly Moonbeam and she is so pretty.

The shadow box is from Ikea, I love using these boxes.  They are 8 inches x 8 inches just the right size to play around with.  All the cut outs were done with various cutting files and my own words on the Silhouette Cameo (I know praising it again but I do love using it) the card and papers are from kits I bought ages ago and the flowers from my stash.  The photo is not great because it was snapped during the really dull cloudy spell we had a few weeks back and I could not use the flash because it just reflected on the glass.  Even the wooden frame looks ghastly but it is white I can assure you. Charlotte was most impressed and really loved it.  I feel I should have raised cut outs a bit but did not remember that there is a fair amount of space between the background and frame, not to self for next one.

Hope you are all well, I can see from you posts that there are some amazing designs out there. I was particularly impressed by Wendy L's card on Thursday 03 April 2014 just adore that design and may have to borrow it.  

Well the weather here is horrid again but one thing it is a bit milder.  I have been colder these last few weeks more than I was during the winter months.  We had two days sunshine and then it went downhill rapidly.  How I long for some good weather once more.  My niece had to travel to the Isle of Wight for a funeral and told us how good the weather down that way.  I was hoping she would bring some back with her.

Take care you all. I look forward to reading your comments on my latest post as they keep me wanting to try more and more different aspects of craft.

Wilma x x x 


  1. Gorgeous creation Wilma. I'm sure that Molly will treasure it too as she gets older. Hope your well. Hugs Rita xxx

  2. Love this project Wilms, very baby girl which is just right. Glad to hear you are enjoying your toy and that it isn't left on the shelf. I do have to visit Ikea soon (just one junction up the motorway) so will look out for these. You don't want our weather as it is grey today and last night I could only see the distance of 2 cat's eyes. Take care. xx Flora

  3. Good afternoon Wilma. A beautiful shadow box and what a keep sake to have. Hazel xx

  4. Good afternoon Wilma, love this beautiful box. Something to treasure for ever .
    I bought one of these last time Hazel and I were at IKEA. Mine is holding the beautiful card I won on Sue Wilson's Blog. Looks great hung in my bedroom. They are fantastic Boxes for the money.
    Keep on crafting

    Patricia xx

  5. Hi Wilma, this is really beautiful and such a perfect keepsake for Molly Moonbeam.
    Our weather has been fine today, a soft warm breeze blowing, take care, hugs Kate x

  6. So gorgeous Wilma, really pretty and a great keepsake. xxx

  7. What a gorgeous keepsake for them Wilma it's really lovely huggles Sue xx

  8. Fantastic keepsake I wised we had Ikea near us I could do with some of these now I`m getting to grip with CAP.Melanie

  9. New to your blog.... Very nice work!

  10. beautiful keepsake for a baby Wilma, never been to Ikea..

  11. This is fantastic Wilma. A lovely keepsake.

  12. Hi Wilma
    This is beautiful and Molly will love it when she's older.
    Must pop to our IKEA and have a look at these frames.
    Best wishes.
    Ang x

  13. Hi Wilma, what a beautiful Shadow Box, wonderful keepsake for baby Molly Moonbeam (love that!) hugs Carole Z X