Friday, 4 January 2013

Are we back to normal yet?

Well it is great to finally get things back to normal once more.  Christmas and New Year just flew by, I don't know where my time went. On reflection I feel as though I have not achieved much but lazed around, visited family and friends. Shopped at the sales but did not get much, ate lots and now I am back eating healthily.  I have a weight problem, no I have an eating problem, I love food, so to keep it under control I attend Slimming World classes in our village.  It is a friendly group which I enjoy attending.  We have a laugh and have tasting evenings where everyone brings something they have cooked and it gives us all a chance to discuss ways of eating healthily and trying different recipes. 

My sister in law passed away on 27th December after suffering with Non Hodgkin's Lymphoma which she tried hard to fight but unfortunately she lost the battle.  Also it was 26 years on the 29th December  that my only son passed away and I really have not enjoyed Christmas and New Year since then.  He was 18 and had had Rheumatoid Arthritis since he was 9 and then developed Ulcerated Colitis, he had to have an Illiostomy at age 12.  Had been on steroids since contracting the Arthritis and they were starting to affect his bones etc and then he had pneumonia which he could not fight off .  So that is why I get down at this time of year..

On a happier note I have made a card, yes a card.  It has been a while and I though I had lost the Mojo but my sister needed a 60th birthday card quickly and I knuckled down and this is my creation.

8 x 8 white card
Creative Expressions Teal and Milk card
Spellbinders Resplendent Rectangles
Spellbinders Foliage
Blue card for flowers from stash
Spellbinders Persian Accents for Border
Tonic Floral Delights Die - Cornflower
Crystal Stickers Pearls
Sentiment typed on PC
I feel I should have embossed the Teal background card. Lesson for future.
I am so happy to be back blogging and am settling down to beginning another card or try something different, who knows what I will come up with.  I have so enjoyed seeing all the post over the festive period and have picked up a few ideas.  Your comments mean so much to me because a few months ago I was not aware of this Blog and thanks to encouragement from Patricia I have been able to post my cards/projects. 

Well ladies that's it for now. Take care and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x x x



  1. Hi Wilma,
    so glad your back posting. I love this card don't think it needs the background embossed. Fabulous design.
    I have a few unhappy memories of Christmas past but I try to forget it and get on with what ever life throws at me, and it has thrown me a real horrible curved ball this Christmas and New Year, I said on my blog I had a Happy Christmas but that's far from the truth. I just didn't want to spoil anyone elses celebrations.
    If it wasn't for blogging helping me take my mind off whats happening I think I would have had a nervous breakdown by mow.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  2. Well Hello Wilma, and I really do wish you all the best for 2013. What a sad time for you and your family.I really do understand a little of your sadness, although I've not lost a beloved son, my mum died on 17th Dec. 8 years ago and her funreal was on Christmas Eve, so every year I have my moments of sadness too. And do you know what? I really think that's OK, people who care about you cut you a bit of slack and give the time and space to let you do this. I'm sure like me and countless others you've found a way to live along side of it, not easy but, bearable. So onwards and upwards for a new year.

    I've been off my eating plan too, I really don't eat that many carbs, beacuse of being diabetic and needing to keep blood sugars under control, also my weight and I've unfortunately put back on around 6oz. I know that doesn't sound much, but it's a battle not to increase the insulin in order to compensated. So well done you for getting back on track.

    Now to your card which is beautiful, love the colours you've chosen and the gorgeous dies. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your lovely creations Wilma.

    Take care and happy crafting, Kate x

  3. I really feel for you at Christmas Wilma. I lost my dad on Christmas Day then a few years later I lost my mum a couple of weeks before Christmas. You are right, Christmas is not the same but I think as Kate said, friends will appreciate that you might be having some sad moments, and we do learn to cope with these times in our own ways.

    I love your card - because I really love Resplendent Rrectangles. The flower die is gorgeous - must look out for that. Have a good day. Christine xx

  4. Really beautiful card Wilma. In 1989 my dad died on my birthday - 14th December - but I just deal with it by adopting the attitude that he did not have a choice in going and he would be very unhappy to think that he made me unhappy every year. He loved his birthday and he really loved Christmas so he would not want us to be sad.

  5. Hello Wilma sorry your Christmas was not the best, it is obviously a very sad time for you. Things always seem worse at a time when everyone else seems to be enjoying themselves......BUT are they?? so many people have to put on a brave face at this time of year.
    Kate`s words ring so true.

    SNAP!! great minds think alike.................Teal & White
    I love, love, love your card it is stunning. Oh! My! Word! your Mojo is definitely back from its holiday. Loving that flower Die, might just have to have a wee scout about to see that.

    Patricia xx

  6. Wilma I am sorry to hear about your Christmas and New Year but I do understand...
    Your card is just gorgeous..and love your dies and gorgeous colours you have chosen...


  7. Hellooooo Wilma,
    So happy to see you back in blog land. What a FAB-U-LUS card. Love the flowers, teal card is so popular, I wonder why!! Sue does set trends now, don't you think!

    I want to wish you a Wonderful New Year Wilma. I felt so sad to read your blog today, I cannot begin to know how you must have felt as each Christmas comes and goes. To lose a child must be the most tragic thing. My heart goes out to you.

    I hope, like Kate said, you are coping and trying to look onwards and upwards, it is easily said than done, I know, but again, like Kate said, your family and friends will understand and support you.
    Looking forward to this years blog posts.
    Take care Michelle(happy2craft)

  8. Fantastic card I always strugle puting this die on and 8" card and you have shown me a way thank you . Sorry to hear of your sad loss Christmas must be hard for you my heart goes out to you ,Hugs Melanie x

  9. Hi Wilma, I love this card. The colour is gorgeous and the die cuts are just beautiful. Think you're mojo's fine again!

    Sorry to hear of your loss this year and of course the loss of your son. Some people may think 26 years is a long time but I just realised after I read it that it was almost the same time my lovely Dad died. He was ill for less than a week before he died on the 27th of December 1986. I'm sure you sometimes feel as if it was just yesterday, I know I do. Christmas has never been quite the same but as my children were only 4, 7 and 10 at the time we had to carry on as normally as possible. You never forget, especially at this time of year. I'm sure losing a child is more painful than losing a parent though. It's not natural for your child to die before you so I think that makes it worse. We also lost my hubby's cousin on Christmas Eve. We were at her funeral yesterday and it was so nice to see so many family and friends there and know how devotedly her husband and daughter had cared for her for the past few years.

    Take care,

    Kat xx


  10. Wilma it's great to have you back, been checking in each day. Don't you worry about being a bit down its a sad time for you, but as so many of us have said we all understand if friends can't do that they are not good friends. October is when I can have down moments as that's when our mum died 43yrs ago. Your card is just stunning, I think you and Patricia's have been thinking the same? Glad you have got back in the crafting mood look forward to seeing lots of lovely projects. How is your sister doing hope she is feeling better and you don't have to help her so much. Take care. Hazel

    1. Hi Hazel, Marion is progressing, been for physio and getting around on one crutch. Her hubby as been off on holiday and the kids are off school so I have not been needed but she knws Iam here if needed. Thank you for you lovely comment, i am just fine now.
      Wilma x x x

  11. hi Wilma,agree to all that has been said above, my heart goes out to you and your family, must be so hard at this time of year.
    beautiful card, love the colours & die cuts

  12. Hi Wilma, first of al oit card is beautiful. I do feel for you...we had a lovely Christimas and then I was told a few days later that one of my cousins had passed away on Christmas Day. She had been battling different forms of cancer, very bravely for many years. They don't live near to us so we don't see them often, I was so my heart goes out to you Carole Z xxx

  13. So sorry to hear your sad news, wishing you all the best for 2013. Your card is absolutely gorgeous! amazing colour combo, beautiful die cuts and design. Oh, and the flowers are fab too. I love it. Hugs, Jill x p.s you may want to check out the blog hop winners One Stitch at a Time , if you have a minute. :)

  14. So sorry to hear your sad news...I lost my brother to the same disease on the 17th we to had an awful

  15. Wilma, oh no wonder you get down at this time of year, tough times. Sending hugs and sorry to hear about your sister in law.
    Love your card, I haven't got those Spellbinder dies...liking them very much and of course my favourite combo too.
    I too am attending Slimming world, with a great group cause I love my food and put so much on over Christmas. Over two stone lost and am thinking I might go for a third! Yikes can I do without cake and chocolate....probably not.
    Take care, big cyber hugs, Erika.

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