Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Work in Progress

Sorry girls no card yet.   Have completed the Ruby Wedding Anniversary Card but have not shown it as I have shown one exactly the same before, it has a few variations but not enough to make it look different.

I have recently bought Fabulous Fashion CD ROM and have been printing off some paper to make the shopfront card, and a few templates for gift bags which I am going to try as my design inspiration has flown the coup.   It is horrid when you want to try something but just cannot put paper together to make it.  I keep choosing card, paper. dies, embossing folders etc but just cannot get them to pull together.  Been away too long but I will get there.  Here are my prints ready to use.

I have been browsing your wonderful posts and have a feeling that I may pull a few ideas from your beautiful cards, hope you don't mind.

We are all on the mend here.  Hubby's man flu is nearly gone, mother is not feeling as light headed and is able to take over more of her personal care and I am me just get on with it regardless.  The dogs had a haircut on Sunday and boy are they looking good.  After a short back and sides they tend to run around more and I can get them to go for a walk without having to drag them.  If they don't want to go for a walk, Shaolin especially, puts on the brakes and hides under the table where I cannot reach him, them Mei Li follows suit and I have a fight on my hands.  They don't like the warm weather so now it has cooled down, it is agreeing with them. 

Maybe tomorrow after I have made a few cards with the papers I have printed off my Mojo will return and I will have something to show.

Take care girls and "Carry on Crafting".

Wilma x x x



  1. I am sure you`ll make a fabulous creation Wilma,
    I love this cd, best one I have had for years, have not done a shop front as yet, need more time.

  2. Hi Wilma, this looks lovely, I think most of us get like that sometimes. It will come back and at least you will have things ready to go. I've been spending time in the garden the last few days, so its looking tidy again. Take Care. Hugs Rita xx

  3. Go for it Wilma! Its only paper at the end of the day so if it doesn't work out the way you want, you just try it again. I usually make a little sketch of what Im aiming for then try and work around that.
    Glad the family are on the mend. x

  4. Hi Wilma,
    I too like this CD, but not bought it....yet!
    I have liked the cards, Jacqui, has made using this CD.
    No doubt you will come up with a beautiful card, as the images are really lovely. Look forward to what you will come up with.

  5. Hello Wilma, I wish I'd bought that CD, I've seen some beautiful cards made from it, Jacqui's particularly. Just go for it Im sure your inspiration will return, Kate x

  6. Hi Wilma,
    these print outs look really fab. I had a similar prob when I hadn't blogged for a few weeks after my Dad passed away. Just start to make something and after about your 3rd attempt you should find the ideas flooding back.
    Nothing wrong with showing a similar project, your creations are always so super, and I love those roses you make.
    I am soooooo glad you are all feeling better now.
    Spellbinders are sending me a new handle for the GC free of charge, and I love my new E Bosser.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  7. Good morning Wilma,
    Oh!My! Goodness! I though you had been at my house!!!
    I have done the very same with that CD. Printed off loads and not got round to putting them together.
    I just commented to Hazel yesterday, I am having real problems. My head knows what it wants but my hands are not co-operating!!!
    You will come up with a super creation soon, I know you will, you always do. Look forward to seeing it.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  8. Take your time Wilma you have had to contend with such a lot and we find it harder to bounce back each time. You do a lot and I am sure Mum and that 'fella' with the man flu LOL have been very grateful now you need to heal!! Watch a few crafting programmes and relax it will al come back when the time is right - we can wait you aren't going to lose us hun! :)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  9. Hi Wilma, I made a card for a commission with this CD last week but haven't been able to post it yet as I've been having my Beatles week! I loved working with it though and have it scheduled for Sunday! Carole Z X

  10. I love the Cd Wilma especially the digi stamps I'm sure your mojo will return soon it probably thinks it summer and so is off on its holiday but we know better don't we :-)
    jacqui xx

  11. Hi, thanks for joining me, I hope I give you some inspiration. Your dogs are real cuties. Going to have a look round your blog now. xxxxxx

  12. Looks very interesting Wilma. I've been having hassle trying to get online this week so I've been resorting to crocheting instead. Need to get a move on and get my DT card done for Saturday!

    Kat xx

  13. This CD does look pretty good I must say. We'll wait for whatever you produce Wilma. Love from Christine xx


  14. Wilma. Rome wasn't built in a day and you have had so much other things to think about, just take a step at a time. I hadn't scrap booked anything for nearly 21/2 years until the other night and I ended up doing two pages. Your thought will fall into place. You have made a start with these beautiful images.

    Hazel xxx

  15. Hi Wilma...well I will be interested to see what you produce with all your images.
    Wilma, Christine said you might be able to help me with my problems posting pictures from my iPAD as I am having problems with my main PC at the moment....any help would be appreciated