Saturday, 8 June 2013

Slowly does it!

Well it has been weeks since my last post but I am slowly getting back to normal.  Mum is better but still suffering light headiness and is working on getting her confidence back.  At 87 years of age she is doing not too badly.  She lives with me which can be good or bad, good because I was able to assist her over the last few weeks while she was ill and bad because we can get on one another's nerves.  That's just how it is for now.

I had infected sinus problems but that has cleared and hubby came down with a stinking cold so it has cough, sneeze, moan and groan for a couple of weeks.  Hopefully that is the end of it for now I want to get my life back.

The floors are laid and the rooms are nearly back to normal, the main bedroom is lovely, newly decorated with new floor, wardrobe doors, facing and skirting. New curtains, rug and bedding to set it off, looking good, just a few finishing touches and that will be that.  The other bedroom, well, let us just say it is getting there.  Still have to arrange some crafty things and finish labelling boxes then it will be down to some serious crafting, I have missed it so much.

My neighbour asked if I could rustle up a card for new born twin boys.  So I had a rummage and found a Kanban kit I bought a while back and it had a twin section which I was able to utilise.  Not much actual crafting in this one, more choosing papers and using some dies.  Something easy to break me in again.

Sorry the photo is very light we had brilliant sunshine for a change
As I said previously it was from a Kanban kit and Spellbinder Grand Dies
Well hopefully that is the end of my doldrums and I really have to get crafting as I have been asked to make a Girl 1st Birthday card for Wednesday, wheweeeee.  Also a Ruby wedding card (the same as one I made previously) for next Sunday, an 18th Birthday card for a girl for 20th July, a 5th Birthday card for a girl for 20th July and a Wedding card for 21 July.  So guess who better get her Mojo back quickly and get her finger out.  Luckily the girl who has ordered the last 4 cards has had a look at ones I have previously made and came with her order, nice one, don't have to do much thinking.
The "Turkish Delights" (namely Patricia and Hazel) should be back from the sunshine and no doubt we will hear from them in due course. Looking forward to hearing about all they got up to or not if they just chilled out.
That's it for now ladies take care and I hope to be back soon.
Wilma x x x


  1. Hello Wilma, My goodness you have been busy my friend. Hopefully things will look a bit brighter for you now. Good Luck with your orders too. Hugs Rita xxx

    1. Thanks for that Rita back to normal now.

      Wilma x x

  2. Very pretty Wilma love the delicate colours xx


  3. Wilma, your card is gorgeous I love the colours and your layout. You are going to be busy. Not that you haven't but that's a different busy which needs some crafting time to help. Glad your mum is on the mend.
    Thank you for your comment on my blog, hopefully that's me sorted.

    Enjoy the sun shine.


  4. Hi Wilma, this is a lovely card. Glad you seem to have things a little more under control, even if not totally! You'll get there in the end. Hope your mum continues to make progress. Christine xx

  5. Hi Wilma, good to see you again here. You've certainly had a busy time of it, hope your mum get's back to feeling well again. The card today is lovely, and kit or no, you had to design and choose papers and colours, have a good weekend, Kate x

  6. Hi Wilma, glad to see you back !!!
    This is a lovely card and there is nothing wrong with utilising kits. I have made lots of cards out of Tatty Ted and Forever Friends stuff because people like them so you use what you like gal. I'm sure that the recipient will be overjoyed to receive this smashing card.
    Sorry that your Mum's not been too good but hopefully you will both get your mojos back soon........I think you must at least have the "mo" looking at today's card.
    Thank you so much for the lovely comments you leave for me. Hope to see more blogging from you soon.
    Ang x

  7. Beautiful card Wilma. You have a busy time ahead with all your commissions.

    Sorry to hear that your Mum is not so good. Hopefully she will get her confidence back soon.

  8. hi Wilma, lovely to see you back.
    gorgeous card beautifully embellished,
    hope your mum picks up soon and your husband

  9. Hello Wilma ...lovely to see you posting again. Gosh you have been busy but hole you are now fully recovered from your sinus infection


  10. Welcome back Wilma!

    Beautiful card I am sure it will be treasured. It looks like you are meant to be back crafting as the orders are flooding in now, a sure sign!

    You have had more than you fair share of the problems of late let's hope your path is a smoother one over the coming months, welcome back my friend.

    Thank you for always finding time to comment on my blog :)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  11. Hi Wilma, lovely to see you back..sorry to hear your Mum's been poorly and you as well, sinus infections are far from pleasant; hope all is on the way 'up' now. Your card is beautiful, loving the pastel colours, Carole Z X

  12. Hi Wilma being poorly really is a pain in the proverbial isn't it? I do hope you are all getting much much better now though.

    I am on me hols at the mo but just stopped by to see how you are doing. I think this card really is lovely and looks as if a lot of thought has gone into the design. My hubby even said kits are great fot those quicky cards that we all need from time to time.

    Take care, hugs from Sue Pxxx

  13. Hello Wilma, Sorry to hear that you have been so troubled, hope you are all back to normal. Love your pastel creation here. I think it is gorgeous. Had to have a chuckle at your reference to the "Turkish Delights". xx Flora

  14. Hi Wilma,
    sorry to hear about you and your families health probs. I do hope you are all well on the mend now.
    Thank you for your email, and info. No I won't need your hubby to mend my GC,lol. As my lovely adorable hubby has bought me a electric embosser like yours. It's going to be delivered tomorrow. Whoopee can't wait.
    Now to your super excellent card. Love the lovely pastel shades and beautiful dies too. I bet the customer was sooooo pleased with it. No wonder you have so many orders.
    Have a wonderful crafty rest of the weekend.
    Lovely to see you posting again.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Good afternoon Wilma, great to see you posting again.
    What a super card, love the colours and the layout. oh! My! Goodness! Your are going to to be busy crafting over the next wee while.

    Glad your mum is on the mend and you and your hubby are feeling better.

    Patricia xxx

  16. Good to hear your mum is on the mend and the house decorations are coming on. Love this twin card. Great soft colour palette. Take care. Hugs Erika.

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