Friday, 22 February 2013

Not a card toay

Just to let you all know I am in the land of the living.  I have not posted for a week and am feeling left out after browsing your blogs.  What a wonderful array of cards produced by you lovely ladies.

I have been busy reproducing some of the last cards I posted as word got round and now everyone wants a card like this, especially for Mothers Day so I have been kept at it.  I don't mind as I love making them and making the roses.  The reaction I have had to these cards has been great so will have to get my thinking cap on to come up with something else.

To keep my blog going I though you might like to see something I make last year while on holiday with the caravan in Grantown on Spey.  I decided I would not take any crafty things with me and one day I went for a wander round the town and found a lovely craft shop, well what else would I be looking for, and the lady in there was delightful.  I could not justify buying any more craft tools so had a look at other things.  I saw a crochet kit on sale and I thought although I had not crocheted for a long time I would give it a go.  The material is a type of jersey and the crochet hook is ginormous. is call Zpagetti and the kit include the handles for the bag.  Well I finished it so quickly after a few false starts and when I came home my mother claimed ownership of it.  Here is a photo of the finished bag

I added a felt flower cut with Spellbinders die, and my mum uses the bag all the time.  I lined it with an old pillowslip cut to size and sewn in.
Well ladies that's it for now until I finish my latest batch of cards and find something else to try.
Did you see the news (Scottish Ladies) that Sue Wilson is visiting THE PAPETERIE in Aberdeen in July,  I for one will be there as she is going to demo 20 cards then auction them off for a charity supported by the Mill.
Well that's all for now take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x


  1. Hi Wilma..this bag is delightful!! my grandma taughht me to crochet and I haven't done any for such a long time last thing I made was a blanket for my grandsons pram!! hope your keeping warm and safe huggles hun Sue J xxxx

  2. Wilma I so envy you being able to crochet just love this gorgeous bag I can understand why your mum uses it all the time....


  3. The bags is great I can`t crochet your so lucky going to see Sue .Melanie

  4. Hello Wilma, good to hear from you. Love your bag, I have never learnt to crochet, and I would like to, maybe some day, like so many things. Take care, kate x

  5. Hi Wilma, what a lovely bag.. have never learned to crochet... Guess there's still time, lol Carole Zxx

  6. I love your bag Wilma. I haven't done any crochet for years but this makes me feel like starting again.

  7. Great bag Wilma, love it. I've crocheted since I was about 12 but hardly ever have time to do any now. I need to make a Christmas decoration for a show in 2 weeks time but it's in fine crochet!!

    Kat xx

  8. Hi Wilma, this bag is gorgeous, love the flower you have added also. Need learned to crochet, but might need to have a try!xx

  9. Good Morning Wilma,
    What a beautiful bag. That`s the kind of thing I like for on Holiday.
    Have you actually got your "place" booked for July???

    I have the crochet hooks out at the moment making "Flowers". My hook is at the opposite end of the size scale and is tiny.

    Beautiful morning here
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  10. I love to crochet and this bag is great. I learned to crochet before learning to knit and because it grows more quickly I much prefer it to knitting. Good luck with your card making marathon. Christine xx


  11. Wilma, I did ask Patricia if she thought you would be going to Aberdeen, hope you got a place.

    Your bag is lovely, and adding that felt flower to it just finishes it off,


  12. Beautiful bag Wilma. Lucky you being able to go to one of Sue Wilson's classes. Hugs Rita xx

  13. Love your bag, I still have my crochet hooks and will have to use them again. have fun in aberdeen. xx Flora

  14. Hi Wilma, Sue is lovely and I hope she is not only there on a Saturday cause I'd love to catch up with her again, her cards are even more amazing in the flesh so to speak.
    I am absolutely loving your bag, wow, so jealous as I am not getting very far teaching myself to crochet. It just doesn't feel natural at all.
    Enjoy your weekend and happy crafting, hugs Erika.

  15. Hi Wilma,
    superb bag. I love to crochet, but don't do much now. I have made a few flowers to go on cards, but only used one so far. My sister and my mother used to crochet lovely doilies. My Mum once made the one with swans all the way round it, but sadly I could never do that type of crochet. My grandmother taught me to hairpin crochet when I was young.
    Sorry I have gone off on one of my tangents again.
    I think it's lovely to see other crafts on the blog.
    I put a blanket on there once but didn't have much comments.
    Have a wonderful crafty weekend.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  16. hi Wilma, super bag, never tried to crochet, I was a sewer. then hand knitter, moved onto machine knitting , from there card making which I love..pam

  17. Hi Wilma, what a lovely bag. I have some of this yarn in the shop but can't crochet although I wish I could, just can't seem to get my head round it! The felt flowers are a lovely finishing touch too.