Sunday, 3 February 2013

Set the record right

Hi there, have to set the record straight, the image on my last card was pre coloured, I only used my Promarkers on the sentiment. It seem some of you lovely ladies  have the idea that brave though I am I could never have produced such a beautiful image.

Wilma x x x 


  1. Hello Wilma, The card was beautiful whatever you did. Enjoy your evening. Hugs Rita xx

  2. Wilma your card was still gorgeous...these pre coloured images can be so useful


  3. Good morning Wilma what ever you did your card was great,
    The image was so sweet and even if you did not colour it it was charming
    Have a great day

    Patricia. xx

  4. Hope you are well as we haven't seen you for a few days. Hope you are managing to get some crafting time. xx Flora

  5. Don't stress it Wilma. You did actually say the image was pre-coloured so any mistakes were not yours!!! I still use some toppers etc because I have some great ones. Christine xx

  6. love the card xx wanted to nominate your blog for a liebster but just noticed your got one lol xx