Sunday, 24 February 2013

Mother's Day Card

It is so nice being able to post  a card so quickly.  I had to have a rest from the commission card as it gets a bit repetitive doing the same two cards all the time.  So here is a Mother's day card I played around with yesterday and today.  I bought the lemon card yesterday while I was at my local craft shop just because I loved the colour, luckily in my stash I have a few bits which made a card.  I love the boxes from Stella Crafts they are so easy to assembly and not expensive and saves a lot of heartache sizing, scoring, cutting and gluing.

8X8 white card
Creative Expressions Foundation Coconut white card
Lemon Card/glitter card and small butterfly from local craft shop
Gardenia from Wild Orchid (It was in their sale and did not cost much for 6)
Box from Stella Crafts (ready to make up so easy to do)
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Circles One
Spellbinders M-Bossabilities Garden Lattice
Spellbinders Floral Ovals
Butterfly - Marianne die
Spotty ribbon from local craft shop
Mum Stamp - Papermania
Pearls from stash
I don't know why but I really enjoyed making this card, maybe it was the colour which brightens up the day.  Lemon/yellow always makes me feel lighter. 
I took the dogs for a haircut today and they look adorable once more.  I knew when I bought them that if I intended to keep their coats short it would cost me but I much prefer grooming them when their coats are short.  They are right rummagers always in scrub and if their coats were long I would have a job trying to get all the bits and matts out.  I love to see them running around off the lead than being constantly on the lead, they do come back to me when I call them, well nearly always.  Shaolin tries to prove he is top dog sometimes but he knows who is boss.  Mei Li often follows suit but she is just a sweetie and will do anything for a titbit.  I often feel like going on a dog grooming course because it would be cheaper than paying someone to do it but its not just the cost of the course but all the equipment you need as well.  At the moment I will pay Pamela to groom them.
I contacted Charlotte at enquire if I had to book a place to see Sue Wilson who is demonstrating on the 6th July and she replied that it was an open day and just to turn up.  Great news I have always wanted to meet Sue so will take advantage of her visiting Aberdeen, Scotland.
Well that's all for tonight ladies.  I await your comments on my post tonight and off to browse/comment on your lovely blogs.
Take care and wrap up warm.
Wilma x x x



  1. Beautiful Mothers Day card Wilma just love your stunning design and love the lemon colour


  2. Stunning card Wilma love the colours hun Sue J xx

  3. Lovely spring colours for a Mothers Day card & very pretty.

  4. Absolutely beautiful, love the layout and everything. xx Flora

  5. This is lovely Wilma superb colour and I love the embossed background
    jacqui x

  6. Hello Wilma, What a pretty spring like card. The lemon card looks beautiful. Lucky you being able to get to see Sue Wilson. I hear Barbara Gray is going too at some point. Take Care. Rita xxx

  7. This is stunning Wilma. I love the design and the colour is so beautiful. It's the same colour that my Bridesmaids wore and that I had in my Wedding bouquet so when I see it I am always reminded of that happy day!
    Sue xx

  8. Wilma this is absolutely gorgeous. Just love the lemon - it's so cheerful and clean looking.

  9. This is a stunning card Wilma, beautiful design and colour, Carole Zxx

  10. Gorgeous card Wilma. Love the colour. I'm quite a fan of lemon and it's lovely with lilac, also a great favourite. Love that lattice folder. It looks lovely with pearls. Takes a lot of pearls but makes a really special card.

    Kat xx

  11. hi Wilma, this is gorgeous, love the beautiful colour of your card and the layout with die cutting is fabulous..pam

  12. What a beautiful card just love those colours .Melanie

  13. Good morning Wilma,
    A beautiful card, I love that pale yellow it is so fresh and Spring like.
    Your design is fantastic, I also like using that Tied Together folder.
    I phoned about the show with Sue in Aberdeen as well . Hazel and I have thought about it. I am not sure , with it being an open day it will be packed out. Will you even get near to see what Sue is actually doing.
    We will see nearer the time.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia. xxx

  14. Hi Wilma,
    what a superb card. I love everything about this. It's so elegant and just right for Mothers Day. That flower is looks amazing on it too.
    You are quite right those boxes from Stella Crafts they look great value for money. I think it cost more to make them yourself, buy the time you but the A3 card and all the work measuring and so on.
    Thank you for your wonderful comment on my blog.
    Have a wonderful crafty Monday.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  15. Hi Wilma, in the excitement of reading your comment I actually deleted it so have reposted it. Bit of a "durh" moment. But why?
    I was in the Navy and I worked at Turnhouse too. Isn't that spooky? I worked at the JMOTS building. Loved being posted there.
    Great card and beautiful spring feel to it. Loving your use of dies.
    Have a great Monday.
    Hugs Erika.

  16. Wilma this is stunning! the design is gorgeous and the yellow is beautiful. Joey x

  17. Gorgeous card Wilma, I love the colour, yellow is my favorite colour, alway so bright and cheery.

    your dogs are little sweeties either longish or cropped and I bet they give you lots of love, and company.
    Take care, kate x


  18. Wilma, I love this card it makes think of spring and daffodils, a great Mother's Day card.


  19. Beautiful card Wilma, such fresh colours!x

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