Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Disaster! ! !

What to do, my Grand Calibur has packed in.  I was using it tonight and there was a loud  crack and a crunch and there it was no more.  I am waiting delivery of an Embosser which should be here by the end of the month but I am distraught.  Luckily I have completed all my commission cards and need to make one more but its not to be elaborate just a normal card.  What's that I hear, I don't do ordinary cards, yes I do when I can.

So now its off to bed with a tear in my eye wondering how I can survive without my beloved Grand Calibur.  Every card I make I use my machine and now I will have get back to basics.

No card tonight, I have not photographed the one I completed last night but will do that tomorrow.

Night ladies.

Wilma x x x 


  1. Oh! Wilma what a disaster, know how you feel. Mine did that last years just out of the guarantee so no help to fix it. Bought another, I could not work without my Calibur although I did have my Bug to keep me going with smaller projects.
    Keep Calm it will come soon.

    Patricia xx

  2. Sorry to hear that Wilma. My Calibur packed in as well a couple of months ago and it was just about a year old. I have replaced it but if the same happens again then it will be time to look elsewhere. They certainly do not seem to be very durable as a lot of people have trouble with them.

  3. Good morning Wilma, what a shame about your GC. There seems to be quite a few folk that have experienced this problem, so maybe there's a design fault somewhere. But at least you have your new machine to look forward to. I love my Bigshot, but have pondered about the GC but as I don't really make many large cards, there is probably not the need for me to have one.
    Your cards are always wonderful whatever you use.
    Have a good day, hugs Kate x

  4. Hi Wilma,
    I too are on my second GC, the screws inside which hold the rollers in place work themselves free, so BANG the insides fall to bits. My first was the pink coloured one, I tried to report it but nothing was replied, so I dismantled it myself. I used an 'allen key' to put back all the screws inside, put it back together, hey ho, away we go, truthfully, it doesn't sound the same as it used to do, but it works.
    I still bought another one.
    Have a good day, hope the Ebosser comes today.
    Michelle (happy2craft)

  5. Hi email spellbinders they may be able to help when mine fell to piece`s not a year old Christine gave me the contact in america it was picked up and repaired in england somewhere only gone a couple of days .it`s is a disater when it happens you feel lost .Hope ebosser turns up soonMelanie

  6. What a shame Wilma I have heard they don't last very long rather poor really considering all the hype around them. I don't have one I use my bug and love it
    jacqui x

  7. Gosh, I love my GC but it does make you wonder, doesn't it, when you hear so many tales. Although, when you think of how many are sold I wonder if this is just a small minority? Not good for business though. I almost got rid of my Cuttlebug but I decided to keep it, so at least I have a fallback. Hope your Ebosser comes soon. Love from Christine xx

  8. Wilma where did you get it from? If it was a local shop you can return it and have it fixed. I know if it was bought from PI it can be returned and sorted. Not fun when your favourite toy is damaged. If it was one of the very early ones the insides are different to the later ones and should be fixed for you. Good luck and hope you manage to get it sorted.
    Hugs Erika.

  9. My handle snapped off mine Wilma I contacted Spellbinders and they sorted it all for me ..so I would contact them they were very good but its awful when our 'toys' are broken..ebosser is good xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sue

  10. Wilma, this happened to mine. I emailed Spellbinders & they were great and gave me the contact for the repair man in UK. Repair is free but you have to pay to send it to him. Then the lovely Christine Emberson told me how to repair it, it was easy & is as good as new now. I've tried out different machines & it still gets my vote as the best. If you can hear something rattling around inside, your screws have come out. It's a design fault. If you'd like to know how to repair drop me an email wonder8art@aol.com Carole Z xx

  11. Such lovely creations since my last visit, truly inspiring. Hope your Ebosser arrives soon! xx

  12. What a terrible thing to happen Wilma, no wonder you're distraught. I still mainly use my Cuttlebug, somehow I've never got round to using my GC.

    Hope you get it fixed, seems like a few people have had a problem an got it fixed.

    Kat xx

  13. Wilma what a disaster....but at least your got your card finished...hope you enoy your Ebosser I love mine....