Wednesday, 24 April 2013

No Card yet but watch this space

I am now a happy bunny, after sadly loosing my Grand Calibur to the resting place for worn out machines, I did work it very hard over the last few weeks, I have become the owner of an Ebosser. Trying to get one was a nightmare.  On 25th March I ordered one from Oyster Stamps this was before my Grand Calibur died on me and was informed of a 2/3 week delivery.  I though OK I can wait, then as you all know my GC died, but I decided a few more days then I will get my Ebosser. Not to be, Oyster Stamps posted on their website there was a further delay.  As I have a few cards outstanding to make I needed a die cutting machine. I trawled the Internet and lo and behold Handy Hippo had four Ebossers in stock and next day delivery would only cost £4.95 and the machine was only a £10.00 more than Oyster stamps.  I noticed if I signed up for their newsletter there was a 10 % discount so all in all I was on a winning streak.

First of all I had to contact Oyster Stamps and explain my predicament and they were so helpful and cancelled my order with them.  They could have been horrid but no they were lovely.  I have bought from them on numerous occasions and they have been great.  Thank you Oyster Stamps and thank you Handy Hippo for great service. I had a look on Handy Hippo's website today and they were out of stock of Ebossers, lucky me.

I ordered the Ebosser at tennish yesterday and took delivery at tennish today. What service.  Guess what I have been doing all afternoon, yes, playing. What joy not having to crank the handle and the embossing is so deep.  I still love my GC and hope to get it resurrected in due course, now I have to stop playing and get down to hard work.

Well ladies thanks for putting up with my saga,  the story ends here, on a happy note of course.

Take care

Wilma x x x


  1. Congratulations hope to see your creations soon .Melanie

  2. Great news on your new Machine your gonna LOVE it!
    and I wish I new you were trying to get one I could've ordered you one from the shop where I work... anyway glad you got it now! look forward to seeing what you make xx hugs me x

  3. Hi wilma you will love your Ebosser. Ive had mine about a year now after my GC died on me. I will never go back to a manual one again I found out how the magnetic sheet makes such a differance. I hope you are now friends with your Ebosser. Xx