Sunday, 28 April 2013

Question and Ruby Anniversary Card

Help, where am I going wrong.  I know you computer/blogger literate ladies will be able to help me, my followers keep disappearing. the space is there to show them but they are nowhere to be seen.  I have tried deleting and replacing, moving it around.  When I am in design mode I can see all my followers but after I save and go back to blog they have disappeared.  Any assistance would be gratefully received.

While in preview mode I have noticed two new followers but I cannot find out who they are, but thank you ladies from joining my humble blog.  Kath at Lilackat I have manged to add your Candy photo, that was easy for a numpty like me.

My card today is a 40th Wedding Anniversary card request by one of my Mum's friends. I asked her what she would like on it and her reply was "just one of them fancy cards you do".  She is 90 years old and wanders a bit so I hope she likes my "fancy card".

8" x 8" card
Red and White card from stash
Spellbinders Grand Decorative Labels One, Grand Labels One, Rose Creations.
Heart and sentiment from Kanban
Leaves, feather and Pearls from stash
Card Holder from Stella Cards
I bought a kit from Kanban and am slowly working through the pack, it's Love and Marriage, Birth and Celebrations and Well Wishes and Celebrations.  There is such a lot in the pack that I feel I will never be able to get through it all but if I get my finger out and try CAS and LIS cards I will get loads of cards made.  I just cannot get my head round using just a little on a card, as you may have already found out from my cards.  Erika has it down to a fine art her cards are so elegant I must take a leaf out of her book, Oksana , her cards are beautiful too.  In fact all the blogs I follow the cards are so varied and gorgeous that I am often in awe when I look through them.
OK then that's all for tonight, take care out there.
Wilma x x x


  1. Beautiful anniversary card Wilma...sorry I can't help,with your PC problem although my followers do disappear every now and then but so far have always come back, hope you get it sorted soon


  2. Hi Wilma, gorgeous card, love those dies and the roses are scrumptious, you've been taking lessons from Patrica. Such a rich colour too.

    Can't help with the follower problem, but I've noticed I've got 43 and I can't find one of them, so somewhere this person's icon has got lost. Kate x

  3. Super card, perfect for a ruby anniversary. Cannot help with your followers but have noticed if I put mine at the top of the page I get a different count. xx Flora

  4. It might be your browser, if I use Google Chrome I can't see my followers but if I used Firefox I can. I use Firefox all the time, it's really easy to use, might be worth a try. Stunning card too! xx

  5. Stunning card Wilma. Such a beautiful design and I love your flowers.
    Sorry I can't help you with your followers. Sometimes mine disappear for no reason!
    Sue xx

  6. Beautiful Ruby Anniversary card Wilma. I love those intricate layers. Love the shape of the card, it's very elegant.

    Thanks for joining my candy giveaway and putting a pic in your sidebar.

    I sometimes have a blank space under followers and then the pics appear again without doing anything. But my counter has vanished, haven't seen it for months. I also used to have a fancy signature for my posts but it's vanished too. The html code is still there but in compose mode it's not there!

    Kat xx

  7. Sorry Wilma like everybody else my followers come and go - so I am no help.

    Gorgeous card. I love it.

  8. Beautiful card so beautiful the pic of your folowers is there .Melanie

  9. Hi Wilma, this is a really beautiful ruby wedding card, absolutely stunning! I'm with the others on your problem, it does happen to us all - just a blogger thing! Carole Z X

  10. What a gorgeous card Wilma! Beautiful. Christine x

  11. What a stunning card Wilma. The colours are fabulous. Sorry I can't be of help as mine are doing the same at times. Enjoy your Day. Hugs Rita xx


  12. Wilma your card is beautiful, and what are you on about all your cards are beautiful and gorgeous stop not believing in yourself. I know we all do it but you will be inspiring loads of people with your cards, oh just to be able to fold a bit of card into a card would be good for me.


  13. prachtige kaart Wilma
    groetjes Gerrie

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