Sunday, 5 May 2013

CAS Cards

Well I have tried something new for me, CAS cards.  Now when I first began blogging I have no idea what all the abbreviations stood for and had to ask, I still have to think and ask now and them even now.

I though why not try something simple and boy did it take an age before I came up with a card idea.  I think it is more difficult to do a little on a card rather than lots.  I feel more at ease die cutting and layering. but here is my effort. I made three just to be sure

DL white card
Ribbon from Hobbycraft
Butterfly die free from a magazine
Sentiment stamp circle from LOTV
Happy Birthday stamp from Clarity stamps
Pearls and love from stash
This may be a good starter card for the first class if it comes off in the Autumn.  I must thank you all for the feedback to my request for some ideas if I do take it up, they have been most helpful.  I still have to get in touch with Mary who apparently lives near me to meet up for a coffee/tea soon to get some advice from her.  You will get an email soon Mary.
Stamping direct on to a card scares me, but I have to think it is only a piece of card and if you fluff it you can always make another.  I really must practise stamping, I take the lazy way out and use digi stamps where possible.  I have download a few now and must make a card with them.  Previously I have used the pre-coloured images because I am still trying out the colouring in, not confident with that either.  Note to self, you will not gt anywhere sitting looking at the images, get colouring them and use your stamps.
Our weather today has not warmed up yet, it is forecast for sunshine tomorrow, don't hold your breath, but hope it does we Scots need some sun.  I saw on a blog that someone had 24 degrees in a sheltered spot, 14 would do me.
I hope you all are enjoying the Bank Holiday Weekend, for me being retired every weekend can be a Bank Holiday, footloose and fancy free, there are not weekends jut one long holiday.  I never thought I would enjoy being retired because I loved working but because I suffered Work Related Stress one and half years before I retired I was very glad when retirement came around. Now I don't have enough hours in the day for all I want to do.
I may be absent for a week or so, we are laying two bedroom floors with wood and generally doing the up so my computer may be out of action.  I will still have my IPad but prefer typing on a keyboard.  I laugh at the younger generation using their thumbs to type, I was taught the touch typing way and when I use my phone to text my speeds drop dramatically.  My niece can type a text message in a few seconds but I am way behind.  But put her at a keyboard and I beat her hands down.
Only leaves me to say enjoy your holiday weekend and crafting if you can fit it in.
Take care out there.
Wilma x x x


  1. Three gorgeous cards Wilma love your designs
    jacqui x

  2. These cards are fantastic good luck with the floor laying .Melanie

  3. Beautiful cards Wilma. I think this would be perfect for a card class. Nice and simple but effective at the same time. I have to agree with you that stamping directly onto a card is quite scary. It's not the first time I've had to cover up something that's gone wrong!

    It's been a beautiful day here today. Nice to get washing out and dried without having to run out and rescue it. Hope it's nice tomorrow but to be honest I'm just happy to have a day off!

    I prefer to use my laptop too as I also touch type but it's sometimes handy to use the iPad to catch up as long as I don't need to type much! At least you can see what everyone's up to even if you don't comment. Funnily enough I find it quite awkward to type on the keyboard in the Post Office!

    Kat xx

  4. These are really gorgeous Wilma. I love the CAS designs and beautiful colours.
    I hope your weather improves soon.
    Sue xx

  5. Love your 3 cards Wilma gorgeous colours and a lovely design


  6. Three very lovely cards Wilma, I do like this look simple but none the less elegant. Good choice for your craft demo.
    Kate x

  7. Beautiful cards Wilma. I'm hopeless at CAS cards and I totally admire people that are able to make them successfully. Enjoy your Bank Holiday. Hugs Rita xxx

  8. beautiful cards Wilma, not tried them myself, I have heard like you said they are harder to do..

  9. Like you I cannot believe how much I enjoy retirement Wilma. I wasn't looking forward to it, but for a number of reasons the time was right, and it's brilliant. I really like your CAS cards. It's very scary stamping directly onto the card (I did it yesterday!!!)but these look great. I love the stripey ribbon. Christine x

  10. Great cards Wilma I love the Clean and Simple effect. Oh! stamping straight onto the card............way too scary for me.
    When I gave up work to take care of John after he broke his back in an accident, I really thought I would go back to work, I enjoyed what I did. John did not manage back to work so we just drew in the purse strings and enjoyed our freedom. Money was short but who cares we were alive. Your health is so much greater than extra pennies.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xxx

  11. Tee hee .. .. I find CAS cards hardest too Wilma.

    I feel if there is too much white showing I am being lazy .. .. and yet really some of the most beautiful cards I have seen have been CAS ones.

    Your creations are lovely.

    I hope you are having a good Bank Holiday weekend.

    Love Jules xx

  12. I touch type too Wilma and much prefer the big computer over my phone....would be there all day!
    Love your CAS cards...and stamping direct on to a card isn't too scary, honest....mind you in classes it is the one thing that gets folk shaking. You can always cover a sentiment if it doesn't work first time. No mistakes in crafting just happy accidents! LOL.
    Hope you get your floor sorted soon. Have a great bank holiday, hugs Erika.

  13. Hi Wilma,
    lovely cards. I love the butterfly die. Amazing it was a freebie. I keep seeing CAS cards on peeps blogs, and I must admit I don't know what that means. Perhaps you can explain it to me sometime. I have only been blogging a little longer than you, but you seem to know a lot more than me. I love the lotv stamp have been looking for one like that.
    Good luck with your flooring, it sounds very nice. My sister has just had wooden flooring done in her front room. She gets lots of sun in there and it fades the carpet if she doesn't keep the blonds shut. So she opted for the wood.
    I too am a touch typist and did a lot of typing many years ago and I have got certificates for quite a good speed too.
    Not so brill now though my fingers are playing me up a lot these days. I know what you mean about the youngsters and their texting they seem to do it all one handed and don't even seem to be looking at what they are typing. It takes me ages to
    Well I have written war and peace as usual. lol.
    I hope your weather improves soon.
    Have a wonderful and crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  14. Wilma it would be lovely to meet you if you can make it Sunday. It's always great to put a face to a name. Do say hi if you do.
    If not happy crafting, hugs Erika.


  15. Wilma love these three cards, I do like CAS cards.

    Hope your floor laying isn't too stressfull, but they will look good once done.


  16. Great cards, I find CAS quite a difficult concept. I might try something similar as I have some washi tape which would work on hand and all my ribbon is now buried away. I miss Bank Holidays since I finished work, not that I would want to return to work now, although at present I might find it restful. Good luck with your flooring. xx Flora

  17. Hi Wilma, super cards! Hope you get your floor laid okay! Carole Z X