Sunday, 12 May 2013

A Teenage Birthday Card

Oh my what have I got us into, I only wanted wooden flooring laid in my spare bedroom and it has turned into a marathon.  My hubby decided while my nephew was laying the floor we could do with new wardrobe doors and as the facing had to come off we could do with new skirting boards as well.  So a small job has turned into to major reconstruction as redecoration is required too.  Hopefully it will soon be over, hubby is as we speak painting the woodwork so I will be able to get the room set up over the next few days.  As this room was the spare bedroom and my craft room there was loads to things the be moved around and the other two bedrooms are jam packed with things.  We have decided to turn this newly decorated room in our new bedroom, as it is looking so pretty and get the other bedroom laid with wooden flooring as well.  Oh to get things back to normal, at least when this is complete there is no more reconstruction to do, it has all been done.

This card is one I made for a fifteen year old girl, I was stumped until I had a look at the Paper Shelter site and found a gorgeous topper and as it was a quick card I used the pre-coloured image and will attempt to colour the digi image at a later date.

Sorry the photo is not very good as I am a bit limited with access to my computer just now with all that is taking place.
I used an 8x8 card
Blue card as a background and layered some blue spotty card
The image is downloaded from The Paper Shelter (there was only one girl but I flipped another image and made it a bit smaller to get two girls dancing.)
Sentiment from Kanban
Well back to the grind, not much crafting taking place this weekend, more sanding down, sweeping up and painting.  I have a couple of commissions for later this week so will really have to get down to it soon.
Welcome to my new followers, its great to have you on board.
Take care.
Wilma x x x


  1. Great card for a teenager Wilma. Gosh, that did turn into quite a lot of work but hopefully it will all be worth it in the end! Christine x

  2. A perfect card for a teenager love the colours and your great images


  3. Hello Wilma, Your card is lovely and the picture looks great to me. Its awful when the house is turned upside down, but its the only way to get things done. Just think how pretty it will be when its finished. Hugs Rita xx


  4. Wilma. Another great card and lovely colours. Oh dear you have landed yourself with a lot of work, but it will be worth it in the end. I am trying to sort out and clear our spare room/craft storage room. I have for to find the bed by the end of the month when Patricia needs to sleep in there before we set off for Turkey. We have a 4ft bed and I am trying to get husband to let me get a single one. That extra foot can make a difference.


  5. Wonderful card Wilma, TPS images are just great and the option to use the coloured one is so useful.

    I think this is what happens when you stared decorating, it takes on a life of it's own. You'll love it all when it's completed, kate x

  6. Fab card, love the colours and what a great image to find. I have so many things in boxes I do wonder if I would miss them if we never unpack again(not counting my crafty stash in that of course). xx Flora

  7. Gorgeous card Wilma. Fabulous image and such a great idea to give her a friend to dance with. I love the spotty paper too.
    Sue xx

  8. Great card Wilma I love these images from Paper Shelter
    jacqui x

  9. Absolutely fantastic Wilma. Love the images and the marvellous backing paper.

  10. Great card Wilma I love the colour and image.
    I keep saying I would like wood in the bedrooms, we have it in the lounge and dining Room. John being a "Carpet Man" will take a heck of a lot of pursueding to do more rooms
    You will be delighted with it all when it is finished

    Patricia xxx

  11. Just right for a teenage girl Wilma. Love the blue it goes really well with the image.

    Isn't that just like a man to make a simple job last even longer and disrupt everything. Still it'll be worth it in the end!

    Kat xx

  12. amazing card Wilma, great image and fabulous colours

  13. Love this card great for teenagers .Melanie

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  15. Super card for a teenager Wilma, love the colours! Carole Z X

  16. Hi Wilma

    It sounds like you are on major re-decoration duties now!! Funny how one thing leads to another.!!!!

    Great card here. Ideal for a teenager.

    Have a good day.

    Love Jules xx

  17. Hi Wilma,
    super card for a teenager. You are a clever computer person flipping the image. I wouldn't know where to start on that.
    I only started using a computer a few years ago so I am still quite on a learning curve.
    Sounds like major works going on, still very worth it in the end.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  18. This is gorgeous,love the

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  22. Perfect card for a teenager Wilma. Great colour combo too.
    Happy crafting, hugs Erika.

  23. Hi Wilma

    What a great card really apt for the age group!! Thanks for joining my blog I will reciprocate! :)

    Crafty Hugs
    Heather xx

  24. Your Birthday Card is gorgeous Wilma.
    I found your blog today and i am happy about that :)
    The Teenie Girl will love that card...the motif is the cutest.

    Have a lovely Sunday
    Hugs, Dunja xx