Friday, 12 October 2012

The Big Reveal ? ? ?

Well I hope you have all been waiting in eager anticipation on my "Big Reveal" and I hope you will not be disappointed.  I saw this Advent Frame on Spellbinders Website and then it was shown on Christine Emberson's Blog (Hope-Chances) and I decided to have a go a while back.  I cut out all the boxes and lids, glued them up, but for the life of me I just could not get the numbers to line up properly.  The card I wasted and the pulling out of my hair and throwing it in a corner, well you can imagine how frustrating it was.  I emailed Christine for assistance and lo and behold she comes up with the goods.  She is selling kits for making these Advent Frames in her shop (can be accessed via her blog) and was willing to let me purchase 25 numbers all printed and cut out.  Well you can imagine how I felt after all these weeks of frustration, I jumped at the offer and even ordered 5 more as I may have six people interested.  She sells the wooden frames so I bought one to use as a template and my brother-in-law made me the rest I needed.

Christine is selling the complete kit ready to assemble for £35.00 and the Wooden Frames are £17.00, the set of numbers 1-25 are £1.50, whoa you would think I was on commission from her for revealing all this but unfortunately not.

So here it is, hope you like it, I am selling them either with or without fillings.

Below is a selection of goodies which will fit in the boxes if required, I will be adding sweets as well.

Ingredients are:
Wooden Box Frame Approx 10 1/2 inch  X 10 1/4 inch
Spellbinders Grand Templates Square Bracket Edge Box
Gold card background cut with Spellbinders Marvellous Squares (2nd smallest one)
The numbers purchased from Hope-Chances (Christine Emberson)
Snowman, Stocking and Joy are from a set of handcrafted Christmas embellishments I bought a few years ago.

This is what has been driving me mad over the last few weeks and now I have completed one, five more to go, I feel happy. I have two sets with boxes made up, two with boxes cut out ready to glue and one to start from scratch.  The last one I would love to do a Tatty Ted theme as I have the CD but that is still in the thought machine.
Hope you are not too disappointed but I really built this up, but it means a lot to me to have been able to complete it.
Comments/suggestions eagerly awaited as usual.
Thanks ladies
Wilma x x


  1. Well Wilma, This is a lovely post to end the day on, it looks very special and I had not seen it before. Well done on your achievement. xx Flora

  2. Hi Wilma....what a great project and well worth all the must be very pleased with the end result...



  3. What a lovely gift your calendar will make...


  4. Hi Wilma,
    It is lovely, you have done really well, whoever receives this they will treasure it and use it each year. The box template is so useful, I have cut many to use with the soap I make, and Christine was a star to help you out. Way to go Wilma.
    Have a great day today, me I have to go to work, Grrrrr.
    Michelle (happy2craft)

  5. Hi Wilma,
    what a superb advent project. You are very clever attempting this and you have made such a superb job of it too. I love all the little embellishments on it as well. I can see why it took you so long.
    Have a wonderful crafty day.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  6. Good Morning Wilma, Oh! Wowser!!!
    I love it.
    You have made a fantastic job,it is beautiful. That was so good of Christine to help out like she did. Mind you I think all us crafter`s are stars the way help each other
    I saw a post for similar, you made the box yourself from card. I started but it was beginning to get me so frustrated that I have bunged the lot in a box and put it out in my store. Now buying the box could be the answer must pop over and have look on Christine`s Blog.
    Are you going to the Hobbycraft Show in Glasgow later this month??
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia x

    1. Hi Patricia, yes I am going on the Saturday. I am going to take my friends daughter who is nine, Alisha, who is into crafting, with me. We have been at Ingleston but she has not been with me to the SECC and can only go on the Saturday. I may pop through another day myself have to see how things go.

      Wilma x x

  7. Well done Wilma. I would never have tackled it. A great keepsake. Marvellous.

  8. Beautiful project, well worth all the effort you put in!x

  9. What a piece of work Wilma, it's fantastic and I'm sure worth the effort. I would never dream of attempting something like this, well done!!, kate x

  10. Oh wow this is great Wilma. So much work - but so worth it! I would enjoy one of these to open myself !! Love from Christine x

  11. wow Wilma, such a fabulous project, well worth all your effort, the first is always the worst, so I tell myself.

  12. Wilma love your calendar, the little Spellbinder box die is so versatile. Loving the papers you've used.
    Thanks for popping by my pad.
    Happy crafting.