Thursday, 1 November 2012

They are finally complete - Hurrah

Oh boy I am on seventh heaven today, my Advent Frames are complete woooo hoooo. Six done and dusted, I have another nearly completed, No 7, but the person who ordered it now does not want it, but I will complete and find a deserving child.

The big reveal, this is it ladies the last you will hear of them.

This is just for you Michelle happy2craft I know you have been longing to see them all.

My Advent Frames with some goodies to place inside


10-1/2" X 10-1/2" Wooden Frame
Spellbinders Square Bracket Edge Box
Spellbinders Marvellous Squares
Various papers - Authentique, Simple stories Handmade Holiday, Papermania Home for Christmas
Gold Card, White Card and Red Card from stash
Numbers from Christine Emberson Hope and Chances

Embelishments from believe it or not Poundland (I bought themlast year)

Small goodies to place inside the boxes along with some sweets

Now I can get back to enjoying  the wonders of card making and follow all your posts as I have only been able to quickly have a glance at them over the past week.
As usual ladies I eagerly await your comments be they good or bad.

Take care and wrap up warm.

Wilma x x



  1. Oh my goodness!!! These are unbelievable Wilma.
    So much work but so worth it! A fabulous gift that will keep coming out year after year!! Youmust be so relieved they are finished - but allso be so proud of yourself. And if you are not then you jolly well should be!!! love from Christine xx

  2. Oh my these are amazing Wilma well done I'm sure they will be well loved

    jacqui x

  3. Wilma these are fabulous and so worth all your hard work, something to keep and treasure year after year


  4. You have done an amazing job - they all look stunning. And, you have had chance to go shopping for goodies to place inside! Well done Wilma. Christine x

  5. Wilma these are fantastic, what a lot of work you've put into them. They will be loved by all who receive them, well done!!!kate x

  6. Absolutely wonderful! Especially with all the effort and hard work you have put in.x

  7. Hi Wilma,
    these are so wonderful. You are a very clever person. They all look so fabulous. Lots and lots of hard work, but it's paid off because they are superb.
    Have a wonderful non crafty evening as I expect you need a rest.
    Lots of crafty love. Jenny L.

  8. Waw, what an achievement, great projects xx Flora

  9. Hi Wilma,no wonder you are seventh heaven these advents are fabulous.The person who cancelled their order is somebody elses gain and who ever that recipinet may be they will no doubt be absolutely delighted with it.Great work.Jacqueline.S


  10. Wilma these are amazing! All that hard work you are aloud to in seventh heaven. As Jacqueline said " the person who cancelled their order is somebody else's gain ". I do hate when people do that all the same.

    Enjoy your day. Hazel

  11. Good Morning Christine, I would buy is if it is up for sale.......I really mean that.
    I would love that for the boys.
    I wondered what all the noise was ........It was YOU singing and dancing round the room.....LOL
    Your creations are out of this world, what a lot of work, worth it when you see the stunning results.
    Keep Crafting

    Patricia xx

    1. Hi Patricia, I am sure you meant to say "good morning Wilma" must be a morning thing. Yes you can have the extra one can bring it up when we meet up. Will email you later.

  12. Good Morning Wilma,
    Well what can I say. You have done a fantastic job Wilma, you must be so pleased with them and I heard you 'Sigh' here in Yorkshire, hee hee. They are really stunning, you must be very patient, I think the people receiving these will be over the moon, as I would be, brilliant work Wilma. Take it easy today, you deserve a rest after all that box making.

  13. Wilma these are stunning. What a lot of work, no wonder you're pleased to be finished them.

    I know how relieved you must be though! Years ago when my 2 great-nieces and 3 great-nephews were little I decided to cross-stitch a Winnie the Pooh picture for each one for their birthday. Started off ok with the March one done in plenty of time but by the time I got to the last one in November the present was late and I was scunnered stitching!

    Kat xx

  14. Wow, amazing work, Wilma! They are just stunning! Love them! Have a great weekend! Hugs

  15. hi Wilma, what an amazing project, these are fabulous, such a lot of work, will be beautiful keepsakes,

  16. Good Morning WILMA!!! so sorry must have had Christine Emberson on my mind. Seeing your wonderful creation and reading where you got the numbers from, sorry about that.
    Yes!, Yes! please! I will buy the one you have left.

    Glad to see you leaving them up for everyone to admire. So much work in producing such a "Work of Art" has to be admired. Would be such a shame just to close this post off.
    Have a Great Day

    Patricia xx

  17. wow, these are awesome...great work...hope you have a super weekend!

    enjoy *~*